【Vkei-Guide】 Interview Kra「宇宙トラベラーCORE盤CELL盤」Release Interview

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Interview Kra「宇宙トラベラーCORE盤CELL盤」Release Interview


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VG : Vkei-Guide is a site to guide Japan overseas through Visual-kei.

Would you introduce yourselves and tell us must-see places in Japan you would like to recommend to foreigners?

Keiyu : I’m the vocal Keiyu. Since I’m from Shizuoka,I would like to recommend Kakitagawa Park in Mishima,Shizuoka.

It has water springs whose water source derive from Mt.Fuji and the water is crystal clear.

You can see the water gushing out from a very deep place that it’s so deep only that part of the water shows a different color. It’s a very beautiful place so I would like to recommend going there.

Taizo : I’m the guitarist Taizo. I recommend Yokohama. There’s this place Yamashita Park,a waterfront park,that has Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse near by. Also the night scene is very beautiful.

You can feel a modern vibe and a retro vibe at the same time so I think it’s enjoyable for foreigners.

Yura : I’m the bassist Yura. I thought of recommending Atami but it’s in Shizuoka as well so I would like to recommend Seiseki Sakuragaoka on the Keio Line. The town is the setting of the STUDIO GHIBLI movie “Whisper of the Heart”.

You can visit real places in the movie such as the cafe and the mountain road.

I think animation comes to mind for foreigners when they think about Japanese culture so I don’t know if you know the movie but for people who know,it will be excited for sure.

Yasuno : I’m the drummer Yasuno. I’m from Awaji Island,Hyogo so I would like to recommend Awaji Island.

Awaji is famous for production of onions and speaking of myself,I’m an onion farmer’s son.

Awaji’s a rural place with nothing but nature but I’m sure you can have a relaxing time there.

I would like you to visit when the onions are good and enjoy all kinds of sea food as well.

VG : Thank you. So you are releasing your 15th anniversary mini album and I heard the concept came from Keiyu’s wonder of what he would find if there is an end of the universe.

You have two versions “宇宙トラベラーCORE盤” and “宇宙トラベラーCELL盤”.

Please tell us each concept and why you decided to create two.

Keiyu : The reason we made two versions is simple.

Taizo : Yes. We were deciding to create a full album but when we selected and lined up all the songs to pack,

it lacked unity. So we decided to divide it in two with different concepts and it seemed to be more interesting.

VG : Why did you title it CORE and CELL?

Keiyu : There’s a theory that the star atlas and cranial nerve are extremely similar,

the universe could be someone’s brain or cell or a part of a body.

I wondered if there’s another universe beside the one were in as one cell,I thought “where’s the center of the universe?

It must have something like a core.”

So I defined the universe as the core and the cell,that wraps the core,and made it the title of the albums.

VG : I had the feeling that the CORE ver. includes a lot of up-tempo songs likely to heat up lives and the CELL ver. has a a lot of sad and mellow songs.

Keiyu : That’s right. CORE ver. has a lot of live boosting songs,which is the core of Kra,and CELL ver. represents our image on the surface,before you see our live. It’s like serene and dynamic.

VG : Is there a reason for not using English for the title and using Katakana?

Keiyu : I thought of using English like “Space Traveler” but considering the album sound we decided to use Katakana since it’s more Kra-ish.

VG : What does CORE ver. second track “カムパネルラへ” means?

Keiyu : It comes from the novel “The Night of the Milky Way Train”. カムパネルラ means church bells in Italian. 

There’s a lyric “I can hear the sound of the bell” and it has a meaning like “I hear my friend’s voice who’s not here.” “カムパネルラ” is that kind of song.

VG : Please tell us one song you recommend from the album and why.

Keiyu : I personally like “メイデイ” from CELL version because the sad melody and the lyrics are combined well.

I like the whole mood. I thought I wanted really good lyrics for the song while composing it so I highly recommend this song.

Taizo : “夜の果てで” from CELL version. The album theme “universe” came up after all the songs were chose,and this song links to the theme. Unconsciously it became a song that matches an screen image of spacewalking so I recommend this one.

Yura : “ブラックホール” from CORE version. You can listen to solo parts of all instruments in this song. I really want people to see the live performance as well.

Yasuno : I’d say ”あーテンションプリーズ” from CORE version.

It’s also the title of our upcoming tour and since I love live shows I can’t wait to perform this song.

The track includes our chorus but I want to do it with the fans at live shows and be united as one.

I feel that’s when this song completes for the first time so I can’t wait to do it with everyone.

VG : Do you want to go to space? What would you want to do there?

Keiyu : I want to go to space. Space is full of romantic adventures. I want to experience weightlessness. And aside from if it’s possible or not,I want to see the black hole.

Yasuno : Maybe it’s “the end” if you see it.

All : (Laughs)

Keiyu : I know it might be “the end” at the place where you can see it but the black hole is a mass of gravity,right?

I’d love to see it. If I get sucked into the black hole,I’ll give up thinking “Oh,I’m getting sucked..”(laughs)

Taizo : I always wanted to drink miso soup in space since I was a child. I want to eat the floating liquid. It’s my dream.

Keiyu : You’ll scald your tongue.

Taizo : How’s the temperature at space? It won’t get cold?

Keiyu : Do you want to drink it at the Space Station or in risk for death?

Taizo : I choose the peaceful way. The way I won’t die.(laughs)

Yura : I want to go to the moon and dig it.

I heard that a planet that big revolving around earth is a miraculous thing because it’s too big but it’s hollowed inside so it’s light for it’s size.

That’s why I want to dig and see what’s inside the moon.

Yasuno : I want to ride ZGundam. I like Gundam and ZGundam is my favorite of all.

ZGundam transforms into a flying form called Wave Rider and the transformation is very fast.

I love the scene so I want to take the wheel and experience how much it’ll make me dizzy. Since it’s a new type,I don’t think I can keep up with the move though.

All : (laughs)

Yasuno : It can move on earth and space but I think it’s faster at space than on earth.

I want to know how hard it will swing. I want to ride it from earth and go to space so I can experience both. That’s my dream.

VG : You’ve been playing with words and putting witty titles on your pieces and lives,who came up with those ideas?

Keiyu : It comes up when we’re discussing with our manager.

When someone pops out a joke and the rest joins in,the title becomes playful.(laughs)

VG : Thank you. Then I would like each of you to tell us what you respect about the member sitting next to you since you know each other for a long time.

Yasuno : Uh-oh,I have nothing to say.(laugh)

All : (laughs)

Yura : Yasuno likes mechanics and is in charge of synchronizing.

He always does the things I can’t do like discuss in detail with the PA and the live house staffs,separate the sounds,and communicate well with the staffs to make it simple and easy. So I’m always impressed by that.

Yasuno : Keiyu is slow to act but like on writing lyrics and putting titles and staging lives he takes the important role.

And including the fact that he’s the vocal,I feel we created and is remaining the band color because of Keiyu. Just a little bit though.(laughs)

All : (laughs)

Keiyu : Don’t hold back.

All : (laughs)

Yasuno : It hasn’t changed now and then that we created Kra all together.

We sometimes argue on small things like the set list for the live and song arranges but we make good use of it on the next live and I think that led us to what we have now.

We have a live boosting vibe and a kind of sadness,poison and emptiness with sorrow.

They seem opposite but I think we were able to keep both because our vocalist have both.

If Keiyu wasn’t the vocal I don’t think we had that. So,I don’t want to say this in front of him but since he’s not here I say I appreciate him.

Keiyu :  You made me non-existent.

All : (laughs)

VG : So Keiyu,what do you respect most about Taizo?

Keiyu : Taizo has his own beliefs. It can turn out to be selfish but lately he started to accept other peoples opinions.

It’s hard to explain…he keeps his stand points but listens to others and then offer a suggestion.

I think that’s one of his good points. He also composed a lot of main songs and lately he asks me to put melody for his songs.

I guess he’s trying to extend his range and I feel a strong sense of ambition from him.

VG : Then Keiyu,what do you respect most about Yura?

Keiyu : It’s a wrap with the one that has none.

Yasuno : Yea,he’s got nothing.

All : (laughs)

Taizo : Well,he’s media savvy. I personally don’t have much social knowledge but he has and is well-informed about entertainment news and all so he should work as a commentator as well. 

I hope he’ll continue to be well-informed because it’s helpful.

VG : Last question. Do you think you’ll get to figure out what you’ll see at the end of the universe throughout the tour?

Keiyu : I already found my answer. But it’s a secret because everyone has a their own ways. I want to do the tour and then share different ideas arguing like,“I think this it” “No,this is it” and finish the year.(laugh)

Taizo : I can’t find it out. This just won’t be figured out unless you really go there.(laughs)

Yura : I think you can’t figure out anything because I don’t think the universe has and end in the first place.

Yasuno : I suppose there’s something like an end of the universe,like an alien,but I think it’s more romantic to keep it a mystery.

I won’t deny that there’s no end of the universe but as I don’t want to take the time machine to see Kra’s future and be satisfied,I think it’s more romantic not to figure it out so easily.

VG : Thank you so much.

【Kra Message】

<Oficial Site>

Interview by : Chika Yoshizawa

Translated by : Seiko Sugimoto




















景夕英語での記載も迷ったんですが、タイトルも宇宙トラベラーで、Space Travelerとしておけば英語もありかなと思ったんですが、アルバムの雰囲気からしても、英語のタイトルでもカタカナの表記のほうがKraっぽいかなと思いました。






























































【Kra Message】

<Oficial Site>

Interview by : Chika Yoshizawa

Translated by : Seiko Sugimoto