LIVE REPORT | DAISHI’s Birthday Two-man Live “AMATERASE & Brother”

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DAISHI’s Birthday Two-man Live “AMATERASE & Brother”



A lot of male and female fans who got dressed up in their own way gathered to the venue, and were eagerly waiting for the time for the celebration.



On April 23, DAISHI’s birthday, the two-man show, as sort of a celebration show, was held at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE.

大祀の誕生日である04月23日、祝賀祭とも言うべきツーマンライヴが高田馬場CLUB PHASEで開催された。


The birthday boy came on to the stage with a smile after the curtain opened. He played the piano, and solemnly showed off his charisma as a multi-player. After that, he welcomed SHOHEI of Larme Belladonna as a special guest, and they performed a song of MU, which has been in a hiatus, by the piano and the electric violin. The ensemble with the strings was so beautiful, and it made the audience take a deep breath of admiration. In the splendid melody of guitar instrumental, DAISHI generously showed off strokes with unique techniques. However, he said, “I am here because of everyone’s support,” and it was modest through and through.

幕が開き、にこやかに登場したのは主賓。ピアノを弾き、マルチプレイヤーとしてのカリスマ性を厳かに披露する。その後Larme BelladonnaのSHOHEIをスペシャルゲストに迎え、活動休止中のMUの曲をエレキヴァイオリンと共に奏でる。ストリングスとの美しいアンサンブルに、思わず溜め息が洩れた。ギターインストゥルメンタルの壮大なメロディでは、その類い希なテクニックでストロークを惜しむことなく見せ付ける。だが「いろんな人に恵まれて今の自分があります」感謝の言葉はどこまでも謙虚だ。


As if breaking such a relax mood, Brother appeared dashingly. The five members wearing Japanese-style costumes caught the audience’s hearts by the heavy drumming like Japanese drums and the lingering bass sound for “Satsuki no Ame”. The following “Kachou Fugetsu” was a lyrical melodious number which had a feeling of melancholy in the bridge like a Japanese festival. Japanese fans raised by the audience fluttered in the floor in “A flash dresser”, and Motoki cried before the chorus.

そんなリラックスムードを打ち破るかのように、颯爽と現れたのはBrother。和の衣装に身を包んだ五人は、「皐月の雨」の和太鼓に似た激しいドラミングと耳に残るベースサウンドで、早くも観客の心を鷲掴みに。続いた「花鳥風月」は、祭りを連想させる間奏が哀愁漂う、叙情的なメロディアスソングだ。「A flash dresser」では客席に扇が舞い乱れ、最鋭輝もサビ前で声を張り上げる。


“I really like Brother.” said Daishi, but Yura sama exposed a corset, massaging his lower back. The venue was wrapped with a happy atmosphere from the beginning to the end.



In “Amore” in which the rhythmical bass and the echoing vocals were impressive, the vibrato containing all of the feelings made the audience to feel the elegy. The minor sounds resonating real eroticism in “Yumekagari” were sad in some way. With no pause, “Rosa-Muna”, “Honnou Catastrophe”, and “Kago no naka no Rule” followed, and the audience swayed their bodies without time to come back alive from intoxication. Yusuke swung his hair for the dark, cool, and rock chorus, and everyone raised their hands strongly led by agitations.



The band played a ballad song “Shion” gently after the mysterious sound effect, and the members shouted and acted wildly for “CRIMSON” as if they used all their strength that was left. They made the audience feel their professional souls perfectly by their figures staying sharp at all times until the finish for the high-speed metal number, “Chourairai”. With the excitement of Brother, the band passed a baton to AMATERASE.



After the perfectly matched trademark pose by the two members, “Karuma” started streaming. It was the first show after the revival show and the event after the revival show, and their energy on this show was naturally conveyed. It was impressive that the band changed to the peculiar mood from the first tune and captured the audience’s hearts. The next song, “Mahoroba”, was an energetic, danceable number that was not boring to listen to many times. The phrases of the guitar overlapping with the Japanese flute were comfortable, and the waves of the crowd swung back and forth. For “Guren”, the audience responded by headbanging, and jumped to be the first led by the members’ shouts, “Jump!”



In the emcee, AKIRA revealed that he felt sick at the rehearsal and DAISHI took him to a hospital. It seemed not so bad. When the next song “Diachi no Uta” started, his innocent expression changed dramatically. His high-tone falsetto was at his best, and the crowd was intoxicated by the healing music. In “Aya”, the nostalgic latter half of the verse like a popular music and the riffs which reminded of Western music crossed exquisitely, and it gave the impression of the dignity as a headliner. There were many fans headbanging for “Haja”, and the bouncy clapping echoed in the floor. DAISHI’s shredding guitar was progressive and technical as always. The members seemed happy when they moved around the stage, shouting “Let me hear piercing voices more!” in “JESUS CLEANSING”, and surely, AMATERASE was their vocation and place.

MCではリハーサル時に体調が悪く、大祀に病院に付き添ってもらったと語る晃。まんざらでもなさそうである…。続いての「大地の詩」に戻ると一転、おとぼけな表情ががらりと変わる。高音ファルセットも絶好調で、癒し系ソングに人々を酔い痴れさせた。歌謡曲のようで切ないBメロと、相反した洋楽を思わせるリフが絶妙に交錯する「彩」には、ヘッドライナーとしての矜持が感じられる。「破邪」では頭を振る者も多く、軽快なハンドクラップが会場全体に響き渡った。いつもながら、大祀の早弾きはプログレ的でテクニカルだ。「JESUS CLEANSING」で、「もっと耳をつんざいてくれ!」とシャウトしながら舞台を所狭しと動き回るメンバーの姿は本当に楽しそうで、天照こそ二人の天職であり居場所なのだと再確認した。


After the lecture of choreography, a long-awaited new song, for the first time in 10 years, “Houou” which got the fastest rhythm for the band, was performed. This song was sort of melodious speed-metal, and fluttering colorful Japanese fans were beauteous. There was no choice but to think that DAISHI’s gorgeousness and attractive presence were his natural abilities. The deep sound unimaginable from the title echoed in “Kibougaoka”. The members’ shouts before the chorus were inflammatory and showed the ability to lead; in addition, a sense of unity which could not be copied by other bands was created.



The show drew to an end, and it seemed that the members got tired, but actually, for some reason, AKIRA’s high-tone vocals increased liveliness as the songs went by. The audience put the power even more into their raising fists and the Japanese fans for “Marogare” as if they conveyed their feelings for 10 years to the members. Although almost all of the songs were more than 10 years ago, there was no oldness, and furthermore, there was not an impression of pressure after the revival at all. Probably, the fans would give the power to AMATERASE just like AMATERASE would become the fans’ lives.



The band let the vigorous and speeding tune, “NATURAL SELECTION”, resounded, and the main set was concluded with the word, “Conquered Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE!” For the encore, the band performed “Ouma”, a famous song which could be said as AMATERASE’s foundation. A new aspect by adding colors of all of the members for the show on that day was shown, and the audience responded by singing together.

爽快で疾走感溢れる「NATURAL SELECTION」を轟かせ、「高田馬場CLUB PHASE討ち取ったり!」の言葉で本編は締め括られる。アンコールでは、言わずと知れた礎とも言える名曲「逢魔」を演奏。本日の出演者全員という、いつもと違う色が加わる形で新たな一面をかいま見せ、オーディエンスもシンガロングで応えた。


From the beginning to the end, it was amazing that all of the songs with a long absence were already accepted by the audience. On the contrary, the songs got power much more than 10 years ago. AMATERASE would break out of their shell constantly, and evolve by shows. There must be a bright future for AMATERASE, which nobody knows.



Text: Emili Mazda

English Translation: Chika Yoshizawa

Photo: Naomi Muraoka