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【LIVE REPORT】Psycho le Cému FINAL episode LIVE “RESISTANCE~New Colors~” 2023.12.15 at Zepp Shinjuku

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【LIVE REPORT】Psycho le Cému FINAL episode LIVE “RESISTANCE~New Colors~” 2023.12.15 at Zepp Shinjuku

Psycho le Cému
2023.12.15 Zepp Shinjuku
FINAL episode LIVE「RESISTANCE~New Colors~」
Live Report (Translated)

Pycho pic 2 venue hikiOn December 15, with only a few days left in 2023, Psycho le Cému held their final episode LIVE “RESISTANCE ~New Colors~” at Zepp Shinjuku, the last live performance of the year. This show marked the end of the “RESISTANCE” concept, which lasted almost two years, and also marked one of the endings of the hardship of the COVID-19 crisis. Let us report on the world of light that the five members and fans arrived at as they overcame the darkness.
Psycho le Cému is well known for its vivid visuals, well-crafted worldview, and fun live shows that incorporate dance and theatrical performances. However, with the concept of “RESISTANCE,” the band has developed a live show centered on music and performance like a rock band, centering on a serious story about a boy who holds the darkness in his heart of a world where rain keeps falling as many times as people have made sins. As befitting the last performance of a concept that had been a challenge for them, this night’s show was also extremely motivated.
Pycho pic up allThis was evident in the setlist, which started heavily with “ECLIPSE: Memories of Twin Stars,” the first song from the September-released album “RESISTANCE”. The band’s spirit of challenge was evident in the three mature songs that followed, from “Paranoia Flying Fish” to “Panorama” and “Mouichido Kuchizuke wo”. The audience was once again able to enjoy the new side of the band, which had renewed their image.


In the middle part of the show, DAISHI and Lida revealed an acoustic session, followed by an instrumental part by AYA, seek, and YURA Sama, showing their growth as musicians in every way. DAISHI and Lida, who have known each other for 40 years as childhood friends, chose the song “Sad Rain”. The melancholy melody of the acoustic guitar and the lustrous vocals were wistful and beautiful. It was a heartwarming time as the two performed together, laughing and talking to each other.
AYA, seek, and YURA Sama, who had showed up on stage as the first two left the stage, delivered a medley of four instrumental songs themed on the four seasons, including “Prism” and “Memories of Walking(想い出歩記)“. Although they appeared to be nervous, the three of them looked at each other and carefully expressed the world of each song through sound, depicting the beautiful spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons.

Lida 1

In terms of performance, “Akatsuki,” with its drastically rearranged introduction, is also worthy of special mention. Starting at a slow tempo, the band played the A melody in full, drawing the audience into the world of the song. Then, the tempo picks up with the words by DAISHI “Let’s go again”. The sense of dynamism of moving forward as if to start walking again was pleasant and, had become the major climax of the show.


Akatsuki” was the first new song they released after the emerge of the COVID-19 in November 2021. Even though they had to make the difficult decision of not being able to perform as they had in the past due to this unprecedented situation that no one could have imagined, and even if they did perform, some fans would not be able to come to their shows, they did not give up on moving forward. That is why they have continued to tour live houses and perform through their ingenious no-participation live-streaming shows. “Akatsuki” must have been a constant light in the hearts of them and their fans who have continued to support them. It was deeply moving to hear “Akatsuki” at a live house where the audience could enjoy the song in the same atmosphere as before.

seek 1

From “Akatsuki” to the last song “Kimi ga iru sekai (The world where you are)“, the song unfolds as if following the story of a boy whose heart was covered in darkness, but who now looks toward tomorrow. The “new door ahead” that appears in the lyrics of the song is what opens before the boy’s eyes, and at the same time, what spreads out before Psycho le Cému’s eyes. The audience sang along in unison to a pleasantly uplifting atmosphere. The countless hands from the floor extended to the five members of Psycho le Cému who were on stage.


In addition to the music and performance, the entire details of the show was a fitting culmination of the concept. The visuals projected on the walls behind the stage and on either side of the floor were particularly effective and captivating. The animation of the main characters, a boy and a girl, the words of the lyrics, and images depicting the lyrics expanded the world of the songs and the concept, and the flamboyant and beautiful lighting made the show visually pleasing as well.

One of the highlights of the show was the members’ costumes. Including the encore, there were two costume changes, showing all three costume patterns used in “RESISTANCE“. It was probably a lot of work backstage, but it was a great performance for the fans.

Pycho pic all danceOf course, Psycho le Cému’s signature charms were not forgotten, such as the well-known dance song with the five members dancing side by side and AYA’s energetic “Oh-ha!” call and emcees. “Murderer, Death, Kill,” “Love is Dead,” and the encore song “Gin-rou(Silver Wolf),” the floor was filled with headbanging as if waves were rolling in the air, and seek dived into the frenzied floor twice. The band’s live show is a lot of fun, and such a spectacle has returned after the COVID-19 withered.

The scene of light flooding the edge of darkness culminated in a sparkling performance of “Fanfare of Life,” the final song of the evening. The song was filled with a festive atmosphere as if singing about the joy of life, and the fans moshing to DAISHI’s shouts and the glittering lights illuminating the venue created a space filled with happiness. It was a grand finale.

Pycho pic 1 venueThe time spent in the COVID-19 under the concept of “RESISTANCE” will be deeply engraved in the hearts of the members and their fans. However, Psycho le Cému is already looking to the future. In the coming year 2024, they will celebrate their 25th anniversary. Before the encore, the band announced a new concept, “Galaxy’s Fukumaden,” and that they would be playing a 25th anniversary show at Kanda Myojin Hall on May 3, the anniversary of their formation.

Furthermore, there are hints that something “big” (from DAISHI’s emcee) is planned in Himeji on May 2 and 3, 2025. It is a story for the year after next, when the demons are likely to have a good laugh, but there is nothing better than having a lot to look forward to. On the other side of the darkness, a brilliant light awaits us. Enjoy it to the fullest. This night has renewed our thoughts.

Text:Miyuki Murayama
Photo:Sayaka Aoki(PROGRESS-M)
Translation by: Vkei-Guide



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