the gods and death stars one-man live【anniversary’s ~god of the shock age~】

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the gods and death stars one-man live【anniversary’s ~god of the shock age~】at Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL 092516


After the gods and death stars went on a 7 month hiatus last May, the band actively restarted their activities in January of this year.  They launched a 3 months-in-a-row one-man live series starting from Shibuya Lamama in July, Ikebukuro Chop in August and ending on September 25th at Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL. The venue had warm dim lighting and a bar that had a good old wooden western style that created a vintage atmosphere in the venue. The venue was packed to the back with fans, and had a lively atmosphere from the start.

(昨年5月より約7か月間の活動休止を経て、今年1月より精力的に活動を再開したthe gods and death stars。 7月の渋谷Lamama、8月の池袋手刀、そして今回、9月25日に渋谷CHELSEA HOTELで3か月連続ワンマンの最終日を迎えた。 場内のトレードマークとも言えるような暗めの温かみのある照明と古き良き西部劇に登場しそうな木製のバーカウンターがビンテージな雰囲気を漂わせていた。そんな場内には多くのファンが詰めかけ、後ろまで途切れる事なく人が埋まっており、賑やかな印象だった。)

From a later start than planned, the lights dimmed, and their trademark SE flowed in the venue with nostalgic sounds that seemed like they came from a gramophone. As soon as the members appeared on the dark blue stage, cheers were gradually heard from the audience. Signaling the start of the live, vocalist& guitarist aie greeted the audience with a word of “welcome” as the first song started with “intro~makka na yuki” with the strum of the guitar leading the song. The bass and drum followed as the bright lights lit upon the stage while the three played facing each other surrounding the drum set. For the band the beginning is like their ritual, and they do it naturally to the point there was no tension, only relief.



Without any interruption, the 2nd song “anaana” started increasing the volume and pace, as red lights flickered in time with the song. The atmosphere in the venue drastically changed as liveliness took the stage in the next “hachi”, the stinging sharp rhythm of the guitar and drum followed by kazu’s bass which was reminiscent of the sound of the bee’s wing. Keeping a steady sound, it was followed by “shoushitsu”. aie’s hoarse yet deep voice let out the lyrics layered with the music which flowed through the venue.

“Thanks!” As aie greeted the floor, the fans showered the stage with fervent cheers and applause. The lights dimmed, and even as the members were adjusting their instruments, calls from the audience continued to come.




As the live resumed with “pool”, the faint lights poured over the stage, and aie’s voice stood out amidst the darkness. The vibrancy of this song was well delivered during the transition from the main melody to the interlude when the energetic vocals shifted to the sound of the guitar. What followed was “minch”, a free distribution CD for the August one-man, which had a multifaceted groove in aie’s guitar. The temperate rhythms of kazu and Jun Otaka blended into the song as colorful lights sparkled, drawing out the allure of the song further more. From the dramatic song, “damned” brought about a sinister touch as the title said it all as under the dark green lights, aie’s spilled out the sinful lyrics. The impression of the vocalist was strong to the point the rhythm team seemed to be bracing the song in reserved tone. Then the next song “Yozora no temae”, started with Jun’s drum. The melody that the vocals drew out seemed somewhat melancholic, however, after the drum gave a spark right before the main melody, the lyrics jumped in sending the message stronger which made the song more interesting.



As aie greeted the crowed saying“Please enjoy the last day of the 3-in-a-row one-man shows,”  the first emcee started. From here, aie’s unique emcee took over the venue. He made the venue erupt in laughter as he brought up a question about “ What you think of being a regular customer at an eatery?” which had nothing to do with the live and gave an episode of how he faced difficulties being one of the regulars.


Cozied up, aie introduced the next song jokingly with a slight smirk saying, “ Next we’re gonna do a song we haven’t done in 100 years.” resuming the live with the classic “rinjinbayashi”. From the at-ease atmosphere, the grave and nostalgic melody was presented to the audience. What followed was “after the addle apple” with red and green lights crossing over the stage. The constant strum of the profound guitar which resounded in the venue continued to the good old “addle apple”. Then right after, the medium tempo “Fukuzatsu na toritsu” was played, the band went into their 2nd emcee of the day.

(和んだところで、「100年振りにやる古い曲をやります。」とaieが少々笑みを浮かばせながら曲紹介をすると、「隣人林」でライブを再開した。和やかな雰囲気から、懐古的な重々しいメロディがステージからフロアへと届けられた。続く、「after the addle apple」では赤と緑が交差する照明の下で重厚なギターがコンスタントに掻き鳴らされ、連結する様に次の初期名曲の「addle apple」へと続いた。その後にミディアム・テンポの「複雑な倒立」が演奏されると、2回目のMCに入った。)

“A lot of guys here today~!” said aie as he gazed the audience in delight. Then, Jun stood up from his spot as he as well gazed at the scenery from the stage. From there, kazu started off his talk saying, “It may not be an episode to take note of but….”, as he talked about his experience at a concert of Tomoyasu Hotei, who he highly respects. With that episode, he went on to talk about his annual live “kazu night” which takes place every November 18th on his birthday. Though he had a live booked on the day, he announced the annual live this year will be an all-night event and when the special guests were announced, the crowd rejoiced in cheers.



“We are going to do a few more songs.” as aie signaled to resume the live, “the zombie” was played with the guitar like the thunderous rain groaning in the venue and halfway through the song with alarming guitar and heart-beating drum the floor listened to the song quietly. The next, “cannabis” was an up-tempo jazz number, layered with the distinctive heavy sound of the band that eventually shifted to many different sounds to savor when Jun’s short drum solo popped amidst the song. Just when the drum had halted the song with its strike, Jun once again waved the stick up for “Edward Smith” to strike the intro. Different from the previous song, the jazz rhythm was in good time with the atmospheric pink lights and the melancholic guitar aie wove in the melody. Everything blended well together, which brought an interesting development throughout the song. After the two jazzy songs, an uplifting number, rare for a band like the gods and death stars, “ kaze no lion” was played.



After 4 songs were played, virile calls from the audience arose, which made aie grin from ear to ear. The tense atmosphere changed in an instant, as they gradually shifted to another emcee. Though the emcee this time was mainly of the bands live schedule, in this 3month-in-a-row one-man, they had set a special gimmick of free admission for everyone under 19. As a result of their first time approach, there were actually numerous teenage fans who attended the one-mans and the band is planning on some new approaches in the future acts. Beside the “kazu night【1118″GIGS”2016】” announced in the previous emcee, the band is going on “ GodTazawaTrial 2016: Vol 2” 3man tour, from the end of November to December. Though this tour has already been announced, it will be their second tour around and everyone certainly has high expectations. Also, they mentioned about PARTY ZOO, in which aie and kazu are participating, and with this in mind, although in a cool manner, aie thanked the audience for choosing their one-man instead of PARTY ZOO event that was being held at the Dojima River Forum on the same day.

(4曲が終わったところで、フロアからは、雄々しいaieコールが一斉に上がりaieがそれを聞くや否や笑顔を見せた。場内はライブの緊張から一気に解れたように、自然とMCへと続いた。告知メインだった今回のMCだったが、本3か月連続ワンマンでは19歳未満は入場無料という初の試みをした結果、意外にも19歳未満がこの一連のワンマンでいたという事が判明し、今後も色々設定を試してみたいとのこと。告知では既に前のMCで発表した「kazuナイト 【1118″GIGS”2016】」に加え、「ゴッド田澤トライアル 2016: Vol 2」のツアーが11月下旬~12月迄行われると発表。既に発表されているツアーであるが、今年2回目となるツアー。メンバー共々楽しみなツアーなのだろう。また、aieとkazuも参加しているPARTY ZOOについも少々触れ、この日堂島リバーフォーラムでPARTY ZOOのライブが開催されているにも関わらず、こちらを選んでくれてありがとうと、淡々としつつもaieらしい感謝の言葉を述べた。)


“elephant in the room” started with the refrain of the guitar. The song had the bands’ signature melancholic taste, and the guitar and bass smoothly blended their melody. The challenging drum rhythm was layered, giving a good balance to the dark song which was interesting to listen to. Lastly, two old songs from their early album, “dawn of the god”, “Hotondo fuhai” and “Tobu nezumi” were played. Though “Hotondo fuhai” had a jazzy tune it had an aggressive taste, and in contrast, “Tobu nezumi” was played while the bright lights showered the stage, and the song left a vigorous and energetic impression. As midnight soon shifts to dawn, the two songs seemed to portray the positive future ahead after these 3 months-in-a-row one-man shows.

(ギターのリフレインでイントロに入った「elephant in the room」、the gods and death starsらしいもの悲し気なメロディが光るナンバーで、ギターとベース両方滑らかに音を紡ぐ。そんな二人の音にチャレンジングなドラムリズムがメロディに乗せられ、暗めの曲にも関わらず、メリハリを感じさせ耳を楽しませてくれる曲だった。最後に続いたのは初期音源「dawn of the god」より、「殆ど腐敗」と「飛ぶ鼠」。ジャズ・アレンジにも関わらず、アグレッシブな「殆ど腐敗」。それと対照的に「飛ぶ鼠」は眩しい照明がステージに落とされる中、力強く生命力を感じさせた曲だった。まるで真夜中から夜明けに移行する様に、今回の一連のワンマンを経て、これからの彼等を見届けている様だった。)


“Thank you for coming today.” Said aie, as the venue limited free CD “aaron” given to the fans this day was played. In the very end, the vocalist let out a vibrant song with a lengthy note which resounded in the hall as the floor appreciated the song till the end.

Though, for the gods and death stars, the real end is, the outro “dawn of the god”. As in the introduction, the band surrounded the drum. The members each unleashed their notes as they confirmed each other’s sounds. Although heavy in sound, as the music made drastic changes in volume, the lights changed in different colors as the colorful instrumental capped off the last day of the 3-months-in-a-row one-man shows.

(「今日は有難うございました。」aieがそう言うと、この日無料配布された音源「aaron」が演奏された。最後の最後に力漲る唄声を聴かせてくれた。 延びのある声が場内を包み、フロアは最後を見届ける様にステージの情景を静観した。だが、the gods and death starsにとって本当の締めはやはり「dawn of the god」。最初と同様ドラムに集まりそれぞれの存在を確認しあう様に音を解放しへヴィながら強弱がある度に照明の色が変化し、彩り豊かなインストゥルメンタル曲で彼等の三か月連続ワンマン最終日を終えた。)


The band, the gods and death stars, successfully came back to the music scene. In contrast to their reserved visual image, the band on stage had a pulsing vibrancy with every emotion flooding from the stage, reminding us that a “live is a living creature”. Anticipation is high for the gods and death stars as to what we will witness with the next dawn they arrive in.

(見事に復帰を遂げたthe gods and death stars。彼等の落ち着いたビジュアルイメージとは打って変わり、ステージの彼等は正に生命力漲り、あらゆる感情が溢れて出る様に「ライブは生き物」と感じさせるそんなライブだった。今後そんな彼等が、次にどのような「夜明け」を迎えるのか楽しみでならない。)





1 intro~makka na yuki  (intro~真っ赤な雪 )

2 anaana (穴々 )

3 hachi (蜂)

4 shoushitsu (焼失)

5 pool (プール)

6 minch (ミンチ)

7  damned

8  Yozora no temae (夜空の手前)

9  rinjinbayashi (隣人林)

10 after the addle apple

11 addle apple

12 Fukuzatsu na touritsu (複雑な倒立)

13 the zombie (ザゾンビ)

14 cannabis

15 Edward Smith (エドワード・スミス)

16 kaze no lion (風邪のライオン)

17 elephant in the room

18 hotondo fuhai (殆ど腐敗)

19 tobu nezumi (飛ぶ鼠)

20 aaron

21 dawn of the god



【Title】-Ikebukuro CHOP 14th anniversary event-kazu presents 【1118″GIGS”2016】
【Date】Nov 18, 2016(fri)
【Venue】Ikebukuro CHOP
【Starring】 the god and death stars/DIMDIVISION./Gara(MERRY)/kazuya(HOLLOWGRAM)/Shu(ex.Girugamesh)/Satoshi Murata and more…
【Open/Start】24:30 (midnight event)
【Ticket】add:¥3,500(Drink not included)
【Order of admission】[1].e+/band tickets →[2].Day ticket
【Information】Ikebukuro Chop
※ Admission not admitted for present high school students and for ages under 18years old.
※This event is a midnight event and ID will be needed at the door. Please bring an ID with a photo. Without ID entry will be prohibited.

【Title】GodTazawaTrial 2016 Vol:02
【Date】Nov 23, 2016 (wed)
【Venue】Roppongi Morph
【Artists】 the god and death stars/Kosuke Tazawa/eStrial
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not included) door:¥4,500
【Order of entry】Aticket → day ticket

【Promoter】Field Arrow
【Organizers】davidskullno records,田澤孝介,eStrial
【Information】Roppongi Morph

【Title】GodTazawaTrial 2016 Vol:02
【Date】Nov 25, 2016 (Fri)
【Venue】LIVE HOUSE enn 2nd
【Artists】 the god and death stars/田澤孝介/eStrial
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not included) door:¥4,500
【Order of entry】A ticket→Day ticket
【Promoter】Field Arrow
【Organizers】davidskullno records,田澤孝介,eStrial
【Information】LIVE HOUSE enn 2nd

【Title】GodTazawaTrial 2016 Vol:02
【Date】Nov 26, 2016 (sat)
【Venue】Kashiwa ThumbUp
【Artists】 the god and death stars/田澤孝介/eStrial
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not include) door:¥4,500
【Order of entry】A ticket→Day ticket
【Promoter】Field Arrow
【Organizers】davidskullno records,Kosuke Tazawa,eStrial

【Title】GodTazawaTrial 2016 Vol:02
【Date】Dec 11, 2016 (Sun)
【Venue】Nagoya ell.SIZE
【Artists】 the god and death stars/田澤孝介/eStrial
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not included) door:¥4,500
【Order of entry】A ticket→Day ticket
【Organizer】Zoom Enterprise
【Production】Field Arrow
【Planners】davidskullno records,田澤孝介,eStrial
【Information】Zoom Enterprise

【Title】GodTazawaTrial 2016 Vol:02
【Date】Dec 12, 2016(mon)
【Artists】 the god and death stars/田澤孝介/eStrial
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not included) door:¥4,500
【Order of entry】A ticket→ Day ticket
【Promoter】Field Arrow
【Planner】davidskullno records,田澤孝介,eStrial
【Information】LIVE HOUSE D’

【Title】GodTazawaTrial 2016 Vol:02
【Date】Dec 17, 2016 (sat)
【Venue】Shimokitazawa REG
【Artists】 the god and death stars/田澤孝介/eStrial
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not included) door:¥4,500
【Order of entry】A ticket→Day ticket
【Promoter】Field Arrow
【Planner】davidskullno records,田澤孝介,eStrial

【Title】it isn’t a last gigs ( one-man)
【Date】Dec 28, 2016v(wed)
【Venue】Shimokitazawa SHELTER
【Artist】 the god and death stars
【Ticket】add:¥4,000(Drink not included) door:¥4,500
【Ticket Release】:Nov 19, 2016 (sat)
イープラス(ticket no# 001~)e+ tickets
ローチケ(L ticket:73294/ticket no# 001~)Lawson ticket
Venue Tickets:(A ticket/ticket no# A-001~)
・Day Tickets
※There will be no pre order tickets.
【Organizer】the god and death stars