【VG】 Live Report | Versailles, the revived palace. The next one-night royal palace to be built on 14th February at Nippon Budokan!!

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On 20th December 2012, Versailles froze their activities in the name of hiatus. After that, as you must know if you have walked through the history of this music scene, the 6 genes forming Versailles was parted and reincarnated into three shapes; such as one (KAMIJO), four (Jupiter) and another one (Jasmine You, whose soul is still pulsating in Versailles). Will Versailles never come out of their deep slumber!? Is there any chance those scions of roses will revive from their coma…!? For the last years, every one of us must have been wondering and could not take our eyes off the activities of KAMIJO and Jupiter.

2012年12月20日、Versaillesは活動休止という名のもと長い眠りについた。その後、Versaillesを司った6つの遺伝子は、KAMIJO/Jupiterという1体と4対の遺伝子に分かれたこと。一つ(Jasmine You)は永遠にVersaillesの中で脈動し続けていることは、このシーンの歴史と共に歩み続けてきた方ならご承知のことだろう。止まったVersaillesという存在は、このまま永遠に眠りから覚めることはないのか!?。ふたたび薔薇の末裔たちが眠りから蘇ることがあるのだろうか!?…。誰もが気にしながらも、KAMIJOとJupiterの動きに、ここ何年も視線を向け続けていた。)

The declaration of revival was made on 20th December 2015, which was exactly 3 years after they settled into sustained sleep. Then on 28th December at Zepp Diver City Tokyo, on the celebration live stage for KAMIJO’s 20th anniversary, Versailles, although it was a fleeting moment, made their appearance in front of the long awaited fans.

Finally on 7th August 2016, after the hiatus of 3 years and 8 months, Versailles performed a one-man live show titled『Versailles 完全復活ライブ (Full Revival Live) 「Chateau de Versailles」』at Maihama Amphitheatre. Versailles has at last realised their revival to be true.

復活の宣言は、眠りについた3年後の2015年12月20日に発せられた。さらに、同年12月28日にZepp Diver City Tokyoで行われたKAMIJOの活動20周年を記念したライブの中、短い時間だったが、Versaillesはその姿をファンたちの眼前に現した。

  活動休止から数えて、約3年と8カ月。Versaillesは8月7日(日)に舞浜アンフィシアターに設えた王宮を舞台に、『Versailles完全復活ライブ「Chateau de Versailles」』と題したワンマン公演を行い、ついに正式に復活の狼煙を上げた。)


The ceremony of revival commenced in the dignified atmosphere as if it was a royal coronation. Leading to the glorious melody, the members emerged, rising up in the middle of the stage. Each one was holding a mask and hiding their faces, sharply beaming at the audience with their eyes. Loud calls of 「We Are Versailles」 erupted across the venue. The ambience was indeed generating a tremor of excitement; our body was certainly feeling a sense of strong exhilaration.

復活の儀式は、まるで即位式のような様相を持って幕を開けた。荘厳な音色へ導かれ、舞台中央から5人は競り上がるように姿を現した。それぞれが手には仮面をつけ、二つの瞼は仮面越しに観客たちを射すくめいていた。場内中から沸き起こった「We Are Versailles」の大きなコール。まさに、武者震いするような興奮だ。身体の奥底から血流が沸き上がってゆく感覚を、身体は確かに感じていた。)


As symbolised by their appearance with the masks, the show started withMASQUERADE– a fitting fanfare for Versailles’ revival. Instantly they were demonstrating their heavy sound on the accelerated rolling beat, yet the melody was elegant and beautiful. This is Versailles’ authentic style – showing fangs with loud sound but never losing nobleness. ThenAscendead Masterwas introduced with its hint of ethno-romantic flavour in the hard and symphonic sound.Shout & Bitesled out the passion and inflammation from the audience whipped up by KAMIJO’s yell Bite into us!!.  The next song was『月下香 (Gekkakou), with the dramatic tune of the symphonic and hard story. Following wasForbidden gate, which is the musical chronicle, composed of a delicate and melancholic sentiment. Versailles did not stray from their essential core, yet performed a show of great variety. All 6 members were bewitched into the alluring beasts and presenting their aggressive aesthetic.

その仮面を象徴するように、ライブは『MASQUERADE』から復活のためのファンファーレが鳴らされた。轟き駆け上がるビートの上で、激しく荒ぶる演奏が炸裂。その調べに、とても高貴な美しさを覚えてゆく。激しく牙を剥き出しながらも、気品を失わない気高さこそがVersailles。ハード&シンフォニックな音の中へエスノ浪漫な香りを抱かせた『Ascendead Master』。「噛みついてこい!!」と熱く煽りながら、激情と高揚した気持ちを導き出した『Shout & Bites』。シンフォニック&ハードな物語をドラマティックに彩った『月下香』。繊細で物悲しい想いを漂わせながら、哀切な心模様を壮大な音絵巻の中へ詰め込んだ『Forbidden gate』と、Versaillesの軸を成すスタイルを崩すことなく、6人は野獣と化し、攻撃的な美学を次々と突きつけていた。)


After the interlude of YUKI’s drums solo, 『DESTINY-THE LOVERS-』was performed with its exquisite combination of grace and loudness. 『愛と悲しみのノクターン (Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne)』stirred up the excitement of the audience on the extreme blast beat. Then continued to the magnificent mixtures of intense and aristocratic『BEAST OF DESIRE』. They showed off their aggressive side of Versailles without slowing the pace down.

YUKIのドラムソロを挟み、美しさと過激さ両面を備えた『DESTINY-THE LOVERS-』や、叩きつけるようなブラストビートの上で攻めることがドラマだと言わんばかりに煽りたてた『愛と悲しみのノクターン』。攻撃的なのに華麗な気高さも備えた『BEAST OF DESIRE』と、Versaillesは攻撃の姿勢を緩めることはなかった。)


By KAMIJO’s introductionIt’s time to play, the hysterical tuneZombie, which made us think of a festival of the dead, was played.  One day I would love to perform a live show at Palace of Versailles in France– KAMIJO proclaimed his ambition and brought upJudicial Noir, then continued to the fierce and romantic flavoured tuneAfter Cloudia. Versailles was depicting the endless drama of enthusiasm. InSerenade, their innermost thoughts for Jasmine You moved us to tears; the beautiful music gave us a feeling of purifying and blessing our hearts.

KAMIJOの「戯れの時間だ」の言葉通り、死者の祭りのようなヒステリカルな楽曲『Zombie』も織りまぜながら、「何時かフランスのベルサイユ宮殿でライブをやりたい」と宣言後に演奏をした『Judicial Noir』や、激烈さと浪漫な香りを重ね合わせた『After Cloudia』など、Versaillesは終わることのない熱狂のドラマを描き続けていた。Jasmine Youへの想いも秘めながら、触れた人たちの心に涙の光を射した『Serenade』に触れているときには、心の中に巣くっていた黒い感情がすべて浄化してゆくような感覚さえ覚えていた。)


I believe that the full revival of Versailles is to be realised by presenting our new tracks with current members.– They performed 2 new songs in this show. One of them,Melodic Thorn~美の暴力~ (Bi no Bouryoku), in a word, was a masterpiece of Versailles. It contained the every aggressive / speedy / heavy / sentimental / romantic / dramatic / symphonic element of Versailles. Besides, the edgy touch was also added to its finish and it was proudly displaying thatThis is indeed a musical jewellery box of Versailles. Melodic Thorn~美の暴力~ (Bi no Bouryoku)accentuated both faces of “traditional Versailles” and “new Versailles”. They certainly proved the fact that they keep growing and never disappoint.

「このメンバーで新しい楽曲を届けてこそ、Versaillesとしての完全復活です」という言葉に続いて届けたのが、新曲の『Melodic Thorn~美の暴力~』だ。この日のライブでVersaillesは2つの新曲を披露した。その一片を担う『Melodic Thorn~美の暴力~』は、過激/疾走/重厚/哀切/浪漫/ドラマティック/シンフォニックなどなど、Versaillesを形成する音楽要素をすべて1曲の中へ集約。そのうえで、よりエッジ鋭く際立たせた「これぞVersaillesの音楽の宝石箱」というべきスタイルを提示していた。『Melodic Thorn~美の暴力~』は、”らしさ”と”新しさ”を際立たせた楽曲として完成。彼らは、けっして期待を裏切らない進化を遂げている姿勢を、しっかりとアピールしてくれた。)

The final phase of the live show was varnished by the gorgeous and passionate『Philia』. Then the last song was the noble『OVERTURE~Aristocrat’s Symphony~』- it was more aggressive than a regal ball of scions of roses. Versailles’ ceremony of revival secured our feeling that their “classic Versailles style” has not changed, yet also gave us a faith of their promising future to walk together.

 終盤を彩った華激な『Philia』。本編最後を飾った薔薇の末裔らしさを全面に描き上げた舞踏会ならぬ気高き武闘会ナンバー『OVERTURE~Aristocrat’s Symphony』を通した、微睡むような嬉しい高揚。復活の儀式は、”らしさ”を示しながら、これから共に未来へ歩むうえでの嬉しい期待を与えてくれた。)

At the first encore, another new track『Chandelier』was performed. It was an expansive and uplifting hard-romantic tune, which lightened up the spirits of the listeners and gave a feeling of unity at one as if we are together with the members in the glare. This『Chandelier』will certainly become a new agent that indicates the brilliant future ahead of Versailles. Then『The Red Carpet Day』, the all-time best tune which recalled the early days of Versailles, was played. How wonderful they are, to perform old tracks to convince us that nothing in their core attitude has changed.

最初のアンコールでは、新曲の『Chandelier』を披露。この楽曲が、触れた人の心に眩しい光を射してゆく、とても開放的で明るいハード浪漫ナンバーとして仕上がっている。この歌を聞きながら、光の中でメンバーらと気持ちを一つに溶け合わせていたように、Versaillesの未来を指し示した『Chandelier』は、今後を期待させる嬉しい武器になりそうだ。その後、Versaillesを活動初期から支え続けてきた『The Red Carpet Day』を演奏し、バンドの軸と成す姿勢は何も振れてない意志を示した様も素敵じゃないか。)

At the second encore, KAMIJO asked the fans Will you be there with us to dream together? and led toSympathia. The very last song on the day wasThe Revenant Choir– the starting point of their history. Versailles ended the show with a passionate enthusiasm.

二度目のアンコールでは、「夢の続きを一緒に見てくれますか?」と『Sympathia』を演奏すれば、最後の最後にバンドの始まりを告げた『The Revenant Choir』を叩きつけ、Versaillesは場内を熱狂で包み込んでいった。)

On this day, they made a delightful announcement. Versailles achieves 10th year anniversary in 2017 since they formed the band. Needless to say, they are always aiming for a global expansion of their activities. Versailles announced the first action of their project to take place the next live show on 14th February at Nippon Budokan. KAMIJO confidently said to the fans 「We will take you to wherever you are longing for, so follow us with your firm belief.」 Versailles will metamorphose Nippon Budokan to be the one-night royal palace on 14th February. What kind of charming night will they prepare for us to spend the time together?  What kind of scenic world will they take us into, in their romantic way? Now that we heard those words from them, we need Versailles to lead us to calm our restless mind.


Text by Tomonori Nagasawa

Translated by Kaoru Nagata



2. Ascendead Master

3. Shout & Bites

4. 月下香 (Gekkakou)

5. Forbidden gate

Descendant of the Rose (YUKI Solo)

6. DESTINY-The Lovers-

7. 愛と哀しみのノクターン (Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne)

8. Beast Of Desire

9. Zombie

10. Judicial Noir

11. After Cloudia

12. Serenade

13. Melodic Thorn –美の暴力– (-Bi no Bouryoku-)

14. Philia

15. OVERTURE 〜Aristocrat’s Symphony

Encore #1:

17. Chandelier


Encore #2:

19. Sympathia

20. The Revenant Choir

Release Information

Best Album

The Greatest Hits 2007-2016

14.09.2016 Release

Retake best album including 2 new tracks

Limited Edition CDDVD

WPZL-31225/26 / 5,000 (Tax-out)

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DVD contents: Documentary MovieVersailles Documentary 信じる力を信じて (Believe in the power of believing)

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Live Information

14th February 2017 (Tue) Nippon Budokan


Best Album

The Greatest Hits 2007-2016




WPZL-31225/26 / 5,000(税抜)


DVD内容:ドキュメンタリームービー「Versailles Documentary 信じる力を信じて」


WPCL-12434 / 3,000(税抜)