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【Vkei-News】Decadence unit Schwarz Stein will release their first best albums on November 15!

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Decadence unit Schwarz Stein will release their first best albums on November 15!
美しきソロシンガーKayaがボーカルを務めるデカダンスユニットSchwarz Stein、今月15日初となるベストアルバム2枚同時発売!

SS_width top picThe decadence unit Schwarz Stein, beauteous solo singer Kaya resides, will release 2 best albums each with 15 songs, commemorating their 15th anniversary. Included in the albums are past works, and songs released after their reunion. Not only that, the long-awaited new songs are included in the deluxe CD. Közi(MALICE MIZER/ZIZ ) participates as a guest arranger of one song in each album. Starting from November 12 (sun) at Shibuya REX, the unit will hold a 3-city tour. In each city there will be a special guest; in Osaka Közi(MALICE MIZER/ZIZ), in Nagoya Maco (Kein/deadman), and in Tokyo there will be a special secret guest.
Check the gothic unit Schwarz Stein, whom inherits the aesthetics of MALICE MIZER along with Kaya’s solo!!
美しきソロシンガーKayaが所属するデカダンスユニットSchwarz Stein(シュヴァルツシュタイン)が今月11月15日に結成15周年記念15曲入りベストアルバムを2枚同時発売する。過去作品から活動再開後に発表された楽曲を惜しみなく収録、待望の新曲も加えた豪華盤。ゲストアレンジャーとしてKözi(MALICE MIZER/ZIZ)がそれぞれ1曲ずつ参加している。11月12日(日)Shibuya REXを皮切りに東名阪ワンマンTOURも開催。大阪公演にはKözi(MALICE MIZER/ZIZ)、名古屋公演では眞呼、東京公演にはスペシャルシークレットゲストも登場。
MALICE MIZERの美意識を受け継ぐゴシックユニットSchwarz Stein、歌姫Kayaのソロ活動と合わせて要チェック!


▼Schwarz Stein THE BEST -LICHT-
Release date:2017/11/15
Item number:KH-08
Price (tax-out):¥4,000
<Track list>
1. Testament
2. Rise to Heaven
3. Profane gene
4. Current
5. lapis lazuli
6. GENEUINE -Recurrence-
7. transient
8. Emergence of Silence
9. Fleeting Beauty
10. HYPNOS -LICHT MIX- (arranged by Közi)
11. PREDICT -Rosen Clarion-
12. Perfect Garden -SK0520MIX-
13. New vogue children
14. Last Hallucination
15. Haven(new song)



Release date:2017/11/15
Item number:KH-09
Price (tax-out):¥4,000

<Track list>
1. Blazing Darkness
2. Release me
3. Addictive Epicurean
4. Queen of Decadence
5. Lilith
6. the alternation of generations-expire-
7. Corroded cage
8. fester love
9. COCOON -Fallen-
11. Sleeping Madness
12. Syphilis and Disorder
13. Succubus -2014-
14. Apocalypse -eclipse ring-(new song)
15. SIRIUS -DUNKELHEIT MIX-(arranged by Közi)

You can purchase the albums at all ZEAL LINK stores, at the venue of the live、and at official on-line store.
Official mail order (on-line store):

【Schwarz Stein Profile】
A unit produced by Mana (ex.MALICE MIZER, Moi dix Mois), which made their debut in 2002. The unit consists of solo singer Kaya and composer Hora who writes most of Kaya’s songs. With the aesthetic lyrics and nostalgic melody created with EDM and trans-sound Schwarz Stein creates their one and only world.
【Schwarz Stein Profile】
ex.MALICE MIZER(元Moi dix Mois)のリーダーManaプロデュースで2002年にデビュー。現在ソロシンガーとして活動するKayaと、Kayaの楽曲の大半を作曲するコンポーザーHoraからなる2人組ユニット。耽美な歌詞とノスタルジックなメロディをEDMやトランスサウンドといったダンスサウンドで構築し、唯一無二の世界を作り上げている。

【Schwarz Stein LIVE Info】
11/12(sun)one-man Shibuya REX Guest:secret
11/17(fri) one-man Osaka RUIDO  Guest:Közi(MALICE MIZER/ZIZ)
11/19(sun)one-man Imaike GROW Guest:Maco(Kein/deadman)

【Kaya Profile】
A noble solo singer who elegantly leaps the wall of gender and genre, through his songs and fashion. Kaya started his solo career in 2006, and made his major debut with single “Chocolat” in 2008. With the fusion of aesthetic lyrics and dance music, Kaya established his one and only world in the music scene. Kaya has performed worldwide in such places as United States, South America, and Europe.
Also, Kaya is active as a chanson singer, and is the producer of a chanson event, “Shin-shun Chanson Show” starring unique guests such as, Kenji Otsuki, ROLLY, and Charan Po Rantan.
【Kaya Profile】

【Kaya LIVE Info】
11/23(thu)Acoustic live『CafeNOIR』@SARAVAH TOKYO
12/06(wed)『Chan!Chan!Chanson Festival 2017』@Daiichi Seimei Hall


★Schwarz Stein★


Translation by: MKawaguchi(VG)