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【Vkei News】Kaya to challenge crowdfunding to produce first full-length album in eight and a half years!

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【Vkei News】Kaya to challenge crowdfunding to produce first full-length album in eight and a half years!


Kaya, the one and only singer who transcends gender and genre, is going to challenge to make a full album by crowdfunding.
The main theme of the album is “Rose”, which Kaya has been using as a motif since Schwarz Stein became active, and aims to complete a full album with a rich variety of styles, such as synthesized, band-arranged, and chanson.
This time, singer-songwriter Tsuki Amano has written a new song for Kaya, and the album also includes “Yumeji” and “Monday Monday” co-written with singer-songwriter Yume Suzuki, and “TABOO” co-written with Ken Morioka (SOFT BALLET).
Amano Tsuki small

Ken Morioka

Closely acquainted artists such as Fukusuke。,(ADAPTER./THE BEETHOVEN/METRONOME), Yoko Hamasaki (URBAN GARDE), Haru Aoi (HITO TO NARI/ex. MINUS LIFE ORCHESTRA), contributed to new songs. The album will also include new songs written by old acquaintances such as Hora, fellow member of Schwarz Stein, and PetitMOA co-producer and chanson singer Soiree.

IHora Fukusuke Yoko

In addition, guest players such as Kei Okubo (Urban Garde/Ame Ya Ame), Emoji In No.2 (High Dancy Dorothy), Tsunehito (D), and Yura Sama (Psycho le Cemu/Dacco/The Beathoven/Brother) will also be participating in this album.

musician Kaya album Tsunehito Yurasama

The album will be a full-length album with a total of 15 tracks, including 8 new songs, featuring renowned artists and players.

The returns for the crowdfunding include “Limited Edition Gift”, “Your name on the credit list”, “Live Phone Call”, “Recording Tour”, “One-on-One Live”, and more.
The crowdfunding period is from February 2 to March 11.

<Kaya’s full album “ROSE” production and Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall one-man live support project>
URL: https://motion-gallery.net/projects/kaya
Period: February 2, 2022 22:22(10:22p.m.) – March 11, 2022 23:59(11;59p.m.)
Album release date: May 11, 2022 (scheduled)

<One-man live>
Kaya 15th Anniversary Live Show “Rose Addict
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022
Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
OPEN 5:00 / START 5:45p.m.
Advance: 6,800 yen (tax included/drinks not included)
Door: 7,800 yen (tax included/Dr. fee not included)
VIP:15,000 yen(Tax included/Dr. fee not included/Ceremonial goods included)
Tickets on sale to the general public: Saturday, February 12, 2022 Special website: https://kaya-rose.com/15th-anniv-rose-addict/


▼Kaya Profile
A beautiful solo singer who transcends the barriers of gender and genre with songs and dresses.
Kaya started his solo career in 2006, and made major label debut with the single “Chocolat” in 2008.
Kaya has established a one-and-only world in his songs that fuse aesthetic lyrics and dance music, and has held many overseas performances in the US, South America, and Europe. He is also active as a chanson singer and, has produced the “New Year Chanson Show” featuring unique artists.

▼Official Site http://kaya-rose.com/

▼Online Salon “Addict”  https://lounge.dmm.com/detail/1736/



Japanese ↓

Schwarz Stein時代から長くモチーフにしている『薔薇』メインテーマに掲げ、打ち込みあり、バンドアレンジあり、シャンソン風ありとバラエティ豊かなフルアルバム完成を目指す。

今回シンガーソングライター天野月がKayaの為に新曲を書き下ろす他、シンガーソングライター鈴木結女との共作『夢路』『Monday Monday』、森岡賢(SOFT BALLET)との共作『TABOO』なども収録。
親交の深い福助。(ADAPTER。/THE BEETHOVEN/メトロノーム)、浜崎容子(アーバンギャルド)、あをいはる(ひととなり/ex.マイナス人生オーケストラ)の書き下ろし新曲や、Schwarz SteinメンバーであるHora、新春シャンソンショウ/ライブサロンPetitMOA共同プロデューサーでありシャンソン歌手ソワレといった旧知のミュージシャンの書き下ろし新曲も収録する。
また、今回ゲストプレイヤーとして、おおくぼけい (アーバンギャルド/雨や雨)、情次2号 (ハイダンシークドロシー)、Tsunehito (D)、YURAサマ (Psycho le Cemu/Dacco/THE BEETHOVEN/Brother)の演奏参加も決定。




期間:2022年2月2日 22:22~3月11日 23:59

Kaya 15th Anniversary Live Show『Rose Addict』
OPEN 17:00 / START 17:45


▼Kaya Profile

▼Official Site http://kaya-rose.com/

▼Online Salon “Addict” https://lounge.dmm.com/detail/1736/