【VG】LIVE REPORT|KING’s Shishiou (Lion King)

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KING’s Shishiou (Lion King) 獅子王



“Shishiou (Lion King)” is a yearly special oneman live of KING celebrating the 15th anniversary this year. It was held at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Shibuya on March 31, 2019. KING’s fans are energetic by far, which means it is simply that the members show the hot performances. As if KING looked back 15 years, they played 24 songs including old and new ones.


For KING’s shows, the lights on the stage were lowered before starting the show, and those gradually went up with the usual upbeat opening music. The fans grew elation at the same time as those lights went up. And then, the word “Shishiou” clearly showed up at the backside of the stage. At first, the support members, guitarist MORI, drummer SHINGO, bassist JUNICHIRO, and guitarist KENJI, came on to the stage, and soon, vocalist RYO appeared. However, the opening music suddenly stopped due to machine trouble, resulting in all of the members once left the stage. Also, the lights were put down. After a short interval, the members re-appeared to the stage, and the audience welcomed them again. “Let’s enjoy the show! Be excited!” After RYO’s usual agitation, “Shishiou” began with “INAZUMA THUNDER GIRL” with the jaunty rhythm and the heavy guitars, and the powerful sound and vocals burst away from the beginning. “Yureyura…” followed, of which the jazzy mood was impressive for the acoustic version. The number completely changed to the rock version, and the bass was melodiously echoed.


“You are lucky! You could see not only (the lights) going up but also putting down! KING just arrived! Thank you for coming!” RYO heated the floor up with joking, and introduced the support members for that day. Because the lives were usually held with these support members, the audience cheered against all of the support members as if they were the original members. For the next up-tempo song “Navel orange”, RYO delivered his deep vocals by his whole body. KENJI and MORI showed their individuality, sharp sound and soft sound, respectively, in “Vampire”, and RYO wildly sang the song. RYO introduced JUNICHIRO, “on bass JUNICHIRO!” in “NANANA”, and then, JUNICHIRO kissed his bass with affection, and showed the bouncy slapping. RYO happily sang with the fans with smile.


“I am so excited! Thank you for coming today. I really appreciate that you guys always support KING and come to our lives. KING is in the middle of the 15th anniversary, so I am discovering the past, and made the setlist including the old and new songs. Please enjoy the old and new.” After delivering his gratitude straightforwardly, RYO sexily sang “Virgin shock”, and smiled by having made the audience to sing in “Ryuusei” as the starry sky was created by the mirror ball. Although heavy songs were continuously performed, “fallin down” was different from them due to the comfortable rhythm. The audience swayed their bodies to the mid-tempo, and RYO’s strong voice glowed to the gentle melody. RYO’s attractive vocals were enough displayed for this song. For the pop dance tune “Toumei Ningen”, the fans’ enjoyable dancing was impressive.


RYO announced that KING was making a new album, and said, “Every live is precious for me, but especially, I am very happy that I can show you “Shishiou” with these support members. I want to make the best scenery, so please sing together” before starting “Always”. All of the instruments wrapped RYO’s soulful vocals. JUNICHIRO, who felt attached to KING because he was a member of original KING, approached to RYO, playing the bass, and then, RYO tapped JUNICHIRO’s shoulder and said, “Live long” with smile. It might be RYO’s massage that he wants to play as KING with JUNICHIRO forever.


In “HELLO INWARDNESS”, the audience headbanged through the song, and RYO showed his professional mind by singing while headbanging. “Koi wa Hurricane” made the fans smile with the catchy melody. In the comparatively new number, “NEVER END, CRY”, the experienced sounds symbolizing current KING were resounded. The last song was “KINGWAY”. It was not too much to say that this song was one of KING’s representative songs as if the song showed RYO’s way of life. The support members played the music with their souls for RYO and the audience until the last note.


The support members came back to the stage, wearing jackets, other than RYO, and the fans started anticipating what would happen because of the different mood than usual, and soon “IMAGINATION” to be released as a new single was first introduced. The fans pumped their fists for the up-beat song which was characteristic of KING. RYO announced that “FIRE STAR” which had already been released as an acoustic album would be included in the new album to be released in succession. The song mood was changed by playing by the band. KENJI’s guitar solo added the fine sounds, and SHINGO’s strong rhythm led to the powerful number different from the acoustic version. The band lastly gave the fans “Cannonball” including lots of headbanging yet the catchy melody for the double encore. RYO’s affectionate word for KING “We are KING” echoed in the floor, and the annual show “Shishiou” completely ended.


KING changed from the band to RYO’s solo a few years ago, and continued for 15 years with supports from his friends RYO trusts. And RYO never forgets his gratitude to them. It was very impressive that RYO delivered his gratitude to the members and the fans again and again. KING will release the single and the album in succession, and the energetic activities could be expected. Everybody in the venue would hope that KING will continue for 20 or 30 years.


TEXT: Chika Yoshizawa

PHOTO: hideyuki nakata



  2. ユレユラ...(Yureyura…)
  3. into the brand new world
  4. Navel orange
  5. maximum the GENELEC
  6. Vampire
  7. inside, black fear
  9. Virgin shock
  10. 流星 (Ryuusei)
  11. fallin down
  12. 透明人間 (Toumei Ningen)
  13. Always
  14. # elegy
  15. 雷神SUMMER (Raijin SUMMER)
  17. 一撃 (Ichigeki)
  18. 恋はハリケーン (Koi wa Hurricane)

Encore 1

  3. ONE

Encore 2

  1. Cannonball



今年15周年となるKINGが毎年行っている年に一度のスペシャルワンマンライブ「獅子王」。今年は、2019年3月31日に渋谷のTSUTAYA O-WESTにて行われた。KINGといえば、何といってもファンのエネルギッシュさは群を抜く。それだけステージも熱いパフォーマンスを繰り広げているということに他ならない。15年を振り返るかのように、新旧の楽曲たちを織り交ぜ、全24曲を一気に駆け抜けた。


KINGはライブスタート時点で照明を下げており、ノリのいいお決まりのSEが鳴り始めると、徐々にその照明は上がっていく。その照明が上がると同時にフロアの高揚感も増していく。そしてステージバックの獅子王という文字が露わになる。まずはサポートメンバーのギターのMORI、ドラムのSHINGO、ベースのJUNICHIRO、ギターのKENJIが登場し、すぐにボーカルのRYOが登場。機械トラブルのためSEが止まってしまい、仕切り直しとして一旦全員が戻る。そして上がった照明もまた下げられた。そんなトラブルも熟練の彼らは笑いに変える。再度登場し直し、ファンも歓声を投げかける。「さあ行こうか!騒げー!」このお決まりのRYOの煽りから、軽快なリズムに重厚なギターが曲を賑やかす「INAZUMA THUNDER GIRL」で獅子王はスタートを切り、最初からパワフルなサウンドと歌声が炸裂する。そして続いた曲は、アコースティックバージョンでは、ジャジーな雰囲気が印象的な「ユレユラ...」。バンドバージョンでは、ロックテイストに変貌し、ベースがメロディアスに歌う。


「みんなラッキーだったな。(照明が)昇るとこだけじゃなく、下がるところも見れたもんな。KING参上!よろしくどうぞ!」と笑いも忘れず会場を盛り上げ、本日のメンバー紹介。このサポートメンバーでのライブが多いということもあり、メンバーであるかのように全てのサポートメンバーに対してファンも歓声を上げる。曲に戻ると、アップテンポで勢いのある「Navel orange」では、RYOは全身でパワフルな歌声を届ける。KENJIの尖ったサウンドとMORIの柔らかいサウンドが交互に個性を披露し、「Vampire」がスタートすると、RYOがワイルドに歌う。「NANANA」では、「On bass, JUNICHIRO!」とRYOに紹介されると、ベースに愛情を込めてキスをし、軽快なスラップを披露。RYOは楽しそうに笑顔でファンとともに歌った。


「めっちゃ楽しい。今日もお越しいただきありがとうございます。KINGを応援してくれて、みんな来てくれて、本当に感謝します。今、15周年真っ只中で、この一年はいろんなことを掘り起こして、新旧織り交ぜたセットリストを組んでいます。みなさん楽しんでいただければと思います」と素直に感謝を述べると、RYOは「Virgin shock」をクールに歌い上げ、「流星」ではミラーボールで星空が作られる中、ファンに歌わせ微笑む。激しい曲続きだったが、ここで聴かせる一曲「fallin down」を披露。会場はミッドテンポに体を揺らし、優しいメロディーに対して、RYOの力強い歌声が映える。RYOの歌声の魅力が存分に発揮された一曲となった。そしてポップなダンスチューン「透明人間」では、ファンが楽しく踊る姿が印象的だ。




「HELLO INWARDNESS」は曲中ほとんどがヘドバンという激しさの中、RYOはヘドバンしながらも歌うというプロ根性を見せ、「恋はハリケーン」はキャッチーなメロディーが全員を笑顔にする。比較的新しい楽曲の「NEVER END, CRY」は、今のKINGを象徴しているともいえる熟練のサウンドが響き渡った。ラストを飾ったのは「KINGWAY」。RYOの生き様がこの曲に見えるかのような、KINGを代表する曲のうちの一つといっても過言ではないだろう。サポートメンバーたちは最後の一音までRYOのため、ファンのため、魂を込めたサウンドを届けた。


アンコールコールに登場したRYO以外のサポートメンバーたちはジャケットを着用し、全く違う雰囲気に何が起こるのかと期待が膨らんだところで披露されたのは、シングルとして発売予定の新曲「IMAGINATION」。KINGらしいノリのいい曲に拳を突き上げるファンたち。そして、アコースティックですでにリリースされている「FIRE STAR」が続けて発売されるニューアルバムに入ることを告白。バンドでやることによって、曲にまた違った命が吹き込まれる。KENJIのギターソロが繊細なサウンドを紡ぎ、SHINGOの力強いリズムがアコースティックにはないパワフルな楽曲へと導いていく。ダブルアンコールではキャッチーなメロディーにヘドバンが炸裂する「Cannonball」をファンへ贈った。RYOのKINGへの愛情がたっぷり込められた言葉、「We are KING!」が会場に響き渡り、年に一度の獅子王は幕を閉じた。