【VG】LIVE REPORT | HOLLOWGRAM ~3 rd anniversary~2-days one-man Jan 21&22 at Hatsudai DOORS

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HOLLOWGRAM Moreau’s palette 02  Jan 21, 2017 (sat) at Hatsudai DOORS
(HOLLOWGRAM Moreau’s palette 02 2017年1月21日(土)初台DOORS)

CC1I7851The first day started as the curtain opened revealing the dark blue stage that seemed to paint the stage in the color of the ocean abyss. The members took to their positions and from the moment of silence, vocalist ryo positioned himself at the mic. “ adolescent” started HOLLOWGRAM’s one-man live as the serene guitar wove its color drifting through the venue. The flourishing sounds of “Albus,” which started with Shinya’s profound drumming, transcended to Yuki’s slap bass and Yumeji’s guitar solo seemed to loom over the venue, as “ideologue” with its grave sound followed.


CC1I7893As the tempo picked up speed, one-year anniversary song “gasoline” took to the stage, from the start the set list continued into the early songs of the band gradually creating a feisty atmosphere as the venue savored the classics. From the start of the live, ryo warmed up the audience, and as he shouted, “thanks!” after the classic songs, fans bathed the stage in sound by fervently shouting out members names.



CC1I8233After a brief break, “La nuit etoilee” resumed the live with its gentle yet jazzy number with dim lights gradually painting the stage in pink. The atmosphere drastically changed from the early sets as their colorful palette of sound unfurled the stage. The sound of the drum trailed in as ryo’s melancholic yet mellow voice drew out the next “Loveletter Rain”, and from there, the reminiscent “Rufus”, and silky and bluesy “Butterfly in her dreams” as the band presented an array of appreciative music. From here, the volume of energy boosted, as “Vinyl” started with handclaps and the guitar growling its sound, “KISS RAIN” which followed, had the floor pumping their fists to the agitating music as the drum beat in sync with the flashing lights.
(一旦暗転から始まったのは、ジャズの効いた緩やかな「La nuit etoilee」。仄暗い中から徐々にピンク色に染まるステージ。先ほどとは全く違う音色が生み出され彼等の表現という色がまた変わり代わりステージで展開した。ドラムが尾を引く様に哀愁と甘美が混じったryoの声が印象的な次の「ラブレターレイン」へ続くと、追憶を彩った「Rufus」、艶やかでブルージーな「Butterfly in her dreams」としっとり聴かせる楽曲が続いた。ここから会場が一気にテンションを上げ、手拍子から「Vinyl」がガッツリとギターを唸らせ、次の「KISS RAIN」では明滅する照明と連動してドラムが弾け扇動的な音に一斉にフロアから拳が上がった。)
CC1I7871Once again an SE flowed into the venue, and from a moment of silence crimson lights dyed the stage as songs from their summer release “WILLS” played. First was “indicencia,” with ryo’s sensuous voice and eye-catching gestures, to the virtuous “Kalmia” where before the song ryo said, “Let us find the rainbow”. After the two songs from “Xanadu”, the venue picked up with feistiness, and in the next song, “Stand the devil’s like”, ryo’s growl and Yuki’s striking bass stood out and numerous fists shot up in the air at once. “Pleasance Liddell” carried on as the venue steamed up as heat from both stage and floor shook the stage.
(SEが流れ、静けさも束の間、やがて赤いライトがステージを照らすと昨年夏リリースの「WILLS」より2曲、ryoの妖艶な声とジェスチャーが目を奪う「indicencia」から「虹をさがしに行こう」とryoの前振りから前曲と真逆と言っても良い純粋な「Kalmia」が演奏されると、「Xanadu」で再び熱を帯びフロアも拳を突き上げ、続いた「Stand the devil’s like」では、更に熱量を上げて会場一斉に拳が上がり、ryoのデスボイスと攸紀の指で弾くベースラインが際立ち、「Pleasance Liddell」もその熱量を引き継ぐ様に会場は揺れんばかりの熱気に包まれていた。)
CC1I8309When the live came to the latter half, mid-tempo and ballad songs delivered the live to the end. After the band performed the smooth “Colors of human mind” where Yumeji gestures to the lyrics, to the positive and uplifting “Don’t cry for the knell”, and “sentimental issues”, they had their first emcee of the day.
(後半にさしかかると、聴かせる楽曲が披露された。夢時が歌詞と連動して手を使うジェスチャーがこの日印象的で、スムーズで美しい「Colors of human mind」から、前向きで明るい初期名曲「Don’t cry for the knell」、そして「sentimental issues」が演奏されると、ここで初めてこの日のMCが入った。)
As ryo thanked the audience for coming, he emceed about their future activities. “After tomorrow, HOLLOWGRAM will be going into the process of making music. We would really like to bring out something that will remain in people’s hearts. Please wait in anticipation.” The last song to set the crown on their main set was the gentle yet strong “mistletoe”. As the main set ended, the members were showered with applause as they left the stage.

In the encore, the members changed their outfits and came back to the stage performing the gentle “silhouette.” The performance had grandeur yet embraced the heaviness of sorrow in “Sekai to hai” which started with kazuya’s arpeggio. The encore of the first day ended with“Where you go” in an appreciative manner. With sadness in the words delivered by ryo right before the last song which sunk into the song, the live of the first day quietly went into its deep sleep.
(アンコールでは、メンバーそれぞれ着替えて再登場し、優しい音色が響く「シルエット」から一也のアルペジオから始まった壮大さと悲しみの重みを持ち合わせた「世界と灰」を演奏した。盛り上がるよりも、聴かせるそんな一日目のアンコール最後を飾ったのは「Where you go」。ryoがこの曲の前に送り出した言葉が悲しみを染み込ませる様に一日目のライブは静かに眠りについた。)


HOLLOWGRAM Will-o’the-wisp 04 Jan 22, 2017 (sun) at Hatsudai DOORS
(HOLLOWGRAM Will-o’the-wisp 04 2017年1月22日(日)初台DOORS)
0122_2701Awakening from their sleep, HOLLOWGRAM started their 2nd day with “Loveletter rain” with the atmosphere of the first day looming over the song as ryo gently sang the lyrics. Then as the stage was dyed red, the heavy “ideologue” took the stage with volume. “Vinyl,” which followed, gradually picked up the pace had the floor putting their hands up in the air, and when colorful lights danced over the stage, “Xanadu” shook the stage with its vitality. “Give us your hearts!! KISS RAIN!!” shouted ryo as the provoking pink lights showered the stage as the seditious shouts of the two guitarists sparked the live. It continued to be fueled by “gasoline”, ending up firing up the crowd as they thrashed their heads from start.
(眠りから目が覚めて、二日目を迎えたHOLLOWGRAM。新たな日を迎え彼等が紡ぎ出した始まりは一日目の終わりの余韻が少し残るしっとりと歌い上げた「ラブレターレイン」。そしてステージが赤く染まるにつれ、重厚さを増して行く「ideologue」から、徐々にテンション上げてゆくと「Vinyl」では一斉にフロアから手が上がり、カラフルなライトの下「Xanadu」では躍動感が会場を揺らした。「心臓をくれ!!KISS RAIN!!!」とryoが叫ぶと挑発的なピンクのライトに染まるステージに扇動的なギター隊のコーラスと目が覚める様な活気が、「gasoline」に火を灯し、早くもヘドバンの嵐でライブを燃え上らせた。)
0122_6837From it, as the SE flowed into the venue, “Sekai to hai” started with kazuya’s guitar, and as the other instruments blended in, the stage gradually lit up with profound sounds that seemed to be more powerful than the day before. In terms of difference, “La nuit etoilee” which followed, had a different arrangement in the SE and outro of the song. From the SE sound of numerous voices, in the outro, where usually it ends with Shinya’s drum, this day, a mini session was performed as Yumeji came in first with his fluent guitar, followed by Yuki’s bass, and Kazuya’s guitar. Then as ryo clapped a rhythm and the floor followed suit, “ALBUS” was played, going on to the next bright “Colors of human mind”. After the song, the venue dimmed and at the same time calls of the member’s names erupted from the crowd.
(そんな始まりから一旦SEが流れると、一也のギターから始まった「世界と灰」が徐々に他楽器隊が介入しその重厚さはステージが明るくなるにつれ昨日よりも力が漲っていた。昨日とは違う、といえば次の「La nuit etoilee」もそうだろう。賑やかな声たちが聞こえてくるSEから始まり、終わりはお馴染みのshinyaのソロと思いきやその流れで、夢時が加わりギターを唸らせ、引き継ぐ様に攸紀のベース、一也のギターも加わり、ミニセッションが展開された。そこからryoが頭上でリズムを手で叩くと、フロアもそれに追随し、次の「Albus」へ続き、鮮やかな「Colors of human mind」が演奏されると暗転したと同時にメンバーコールが鳴り響いた。)
0122_7698With “Rufus” resuming the live, “adolescent,” which started quietly with the drum and guitar, followed. ryo’s powerful expressiveness was well presented in the two songs.
Then the songs, each with a unique tone followed, from the fluent and sensuous “Butterfly in her dreams”, to the faintly wistful “Lucent room”, and “indicencia,” which had a spice of passion.
After an array of colorful songs, the tender “Kalmia” had a bright tone in ryo’s vocals, and the next song “Sentimental issues”, was more profound than the day before.
(「Rufus」と、ドラムとギターで静かに始まった「adolescent」と続き、ryoの表現力の力強さが垣間見ることができた。しっとりと艶やかな「Butterfly in her dreams」から、淡く切ない「Lucent room」、そしてどこかラテンテイストで情熱的な「indicencia」と個性豊かなラインアップから、柔らかな「Kalmia」ではryoの声のトーンが明るさを醸し出しては、「Sentimental issues」で一日目と打って変わって激しさが加わった様だった。)
0122_6776As the continuous performances stopped, once again cheers filled the venue. ryo started his emcee by first, thanking the fans. “I am greatly honored that our songs are something worth the value of people appreciating it. We are making some new songs, and please let us have some time to work on them. We would like to bring about songs that will remain in the hearts of people. Thank you. All of us live through each day, and as time passes by, as flowers bloom and wither, our lives also comes to an end someday. For he who says so, he hopes that in spring the flowers will bloom once again.” After the emcee, with the tender yet vibrant “mistletoe”, the main set ended, leaving a strong impression at the end.
0122_5884When the band appeared on stage once again for the encore, shinya who’s usually not a speaker, spoke and made a gesture for more member calls from the fans which had the floor erupt in cheers. After the members all arrived on the stage, the live resumed a cappella with “Where you go”. As the instruments gradually blended in, unlike the first day, the main melody flourished with vibrant energy presenting an uplifting tone. ryo’s words said it all, as that uplifting tone carried over to the next, “Stand the devil’s like” as ryo shouted “Let us see each other again in smiles!” as he fired up the audience with a smile on his face. Then, “Pleasance Liddell” in which Yumeji came to the front to fuel the fans, and the song that best represented the day, “Don’t cry for the knell,” took the final crown to cap off the 2 days. The member’s basked in the afterglow of the live, all of them with unfaltering smiles as they were showered with cheers and applause that lasted as if the time was letting them savor the moment.
(アンコールで再びメンバーが登場すると、珍しくshinyaが声を頂戴とファンに声をかけると声援がフロアから湧き上がった。5人揃ったところで、「Where you go」がアカペラで演奏を再開した。徐々に楽器隊が重なり、サビで生命力を漲らせる様に一日目とは違い前向きさを描いていた。それを物語るかの様に、ryoが「また笑顔で会いましょう!!」と笑顔で煽ると折りたたみがフロアで展開された「Stand the devil’s like」、夢時の煽りから入った「Pleasance Liddell」、そしてこの日の集約する曲とも言えよう、「Don’t cry for the knell」で二日目を締めくくった。暫く余韻に浸り、笑顔が絶えぬメンバー。そして、フロアからもこの日一番の声援と拍手がステージに送られた。)

HOLLOWGRAM successfully ended their 2 days of one man shows. They will be producing music and not doing shows for a while. If leaving the limelight is likened to the withering of a flower, and is a time for a long sleep, then, when the flowers bloom once again, this will be the time when the band will appear in the limelight once again with new songs in hand. We wait with anticipation to see what kind of flower HOLLOWGRAM will bloom.



1. adolescent
2. Albus
3. ideologue
4. gasoline

5. La nuit etoilee
6. Loveletter Rain (ラブレターレイン)
7. Rufus
8. Buttery in her dreams
9. Vinyl

11. indicencia
12. Kalmia
13. Xanadu
14. Stand the devil’s like
15. Pleasance Liddell

16. Colors of human mind
17. Don’t cry for the knell
18. Sentimental issues

19. mistletoe

20. Silouette (シルエット)
21. Sekai to hai(世界と灰)
22. Where you go






1. Loveletter Rain(ラブレターレイン)
2. ideologue
3. vinyl
4. Xanadu
6. gasoline

7. Sekai to hai(世界と灰)
8. La nuit etoilee
9. Albus
10. Colors of human mind

11. Rufus
12. adolescent
13. Butterfly in her dreams
14. Lucent room
15. indicencia
16. Kalmia
17. Sentimental issues

18. mistletoe

19. Where you go
20. Stand the devil’s like
21. Pleasance Liddell
22. Don’t cry for the knell





PHOTOS BY : SEKA (1st DAY) /  REIKO ARAKAWA(zoisite) (2nd DAY)