【VG】Live Report | Soan Birthday Special Live “Oto no Takarabako” at Takadanobaba AREA June 1

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Soan, having kept silent since Moran’s disbandment last September, announced his re-start with a solo project last March, and at last, the moment for him to make a new step forward has come. On June 1, Soan’s birthday, two projects, with Temari (ex-amber gris) and with Akuta (Chanty) were unveiled. Soan made the best use of the features of each vocalist, and synchronized two projects with completely different concepts. The sounds Soan has cherished were packed into a space called “Oto no Takarabako (treasure box of sounds)”. 

(昨年9月のMoran解散以降沈黙を続けていたSoanがソロプロジェクト始動を発表したのはその約半年後の3月、そして6月、ついに新たな一歩を踏み出すその瞬間が来た。Soan自身の誕生日でもある6月1日、元amber grisの手鞠、そしてChantyの芥との2つのプロジェクトが同時にお披露目となった。Soanは2人のヴォーカリストの特徴を生かし、全く異なるコンセプトで2つのプロジェクトを同時進行させ、オトノタカラバコと題されたその空間にはまさにSoanが大切にしてきた音が詰め込まれていた。)



The first project unveiled was with Temari. Temari’s narration started with “Many stories have ended…” led by the gentle sound of piano, as if Temari was looking back on the disbanding of Moran and amber gris. Soan’s sweet piano resounded, and Sachi (Kokushoku Sumire) smoothly weaved violin notes. Taizo (Kra) played the acoustic guitar, making rhythm using the guitar body. The dark lighting emphasized the acoustic-style music, and Temari, who officially appeared on the stage for the first time in a while, created contrast in his voice by adding a strong falsetto and showing that his world view was still alive. Soan took his original role as a drummer from the fourth number after having played the piano for three songs, and led the sound with his passionate rhythm. Lastly, the members played a bright tune as if the members gave hope to the fans. The project showed the integration between Soan’s and Temari’s world views well with five chapters in the story of this project.

(まず最初のプロジェクトはwith 手鞠。ピアノの音色に導かれ、まるでMoranとamber grisの解散を振り返るかのように「いくつもの物語が終わりを告げ…」と始まった手鞠のナレーション。Soanのピアノが優しく響き、Sachi(黒色すみれ)のヴァイオリンが滑らかに音を紡いでいく。そしてタイゾ(Kra)はアコースティックギターのボディーを使用し、リズムを作りながら音を奏でていく。暗めな照明がアコースティックスタイルの音をより際立たせ、正式には久しぶりの登場となった手鞠は声に強弱をつけファルセットも力強く、その世界観は健在していた。3曲ピアノを弾いたSoanは4曲目から本来の姿であるドラマーSoanとなり、情熱的にリズムで音を牽引していった。ラストは未来へつながるかのような明るい曲を演奏し、1つの物語の中に5つの章があるような、Soanと手鞠の世界観が見事に融合したプロジェクトであった。)






Next it was time for the other project, with Akuta. 



As the fantastical opening music changed to heavy music with a deep sound, the venue was filled with a sense of tension, and it made the audience feel that heavy songs were about to come. Completely different from the gentle and formal style in the last session with Temari, the members encouraged the fans to headbang with dark rock, and Soan put his soul into each sound as if he enjoyed the heaviness. Akuta’s voice was robust, but sometimes mixed in a clear falsetto. Akuta’s emcee invited the fans to the dark world, and symbolized the world view of this project. Shun (ex-DuelJewel) strummed on the guitar as Ivy (ex-Moran) put dynamism into the music. Both support members were good at showing the robust staging, and made the fans heat up with death voice and their enthusiasm. The venue was packed with an air of excitement throughout the show for the project.



1.Soan 2.芥 1.Shun 1.Ivy 1.Live絡み

For the encore, Taizo, Shun, Ivy, and Hitomi (ex-Moran), who has played with Soan for a long time, came on to the stage to celebrate Soan’s birthday. Moran’s “L’oiseau Bleu” was among the songs Soan has cherished that were played, and the excitement of the audience with flash rings was like a big birthday present from the fans. Finally, Temari and Akuta brought the birthday cake and celebrated the birthday with everyone, then Soan left the stage after he thanked the fans happily.


TEXT: Chika Yoshizawa


・Soan with Temari

Yuuyami ni Meidousuru Shoudou to Koufuku no Arika(夕闇に鳴動する衝動と幸福の在処)

Soreha Noroi to Dougigo no Tamashii no Kusari Eien ni Tsuzuku Shukufuku to iuna no Karma(それは呪いと同義語の魂の鎖 永遠に続く祝福と云う名のカルマ)

Touei sareta Arishihi no Shouzou to iuna no Bourei(投影された在りし日の肖像と云う名の亡霊)

Kanjou wo Baikai toshite Gushouka suru Kanshou no Ikuate(感情を媒介として具象化する感傷の逝く宛)

Soshite Kimi ha Kibou no Hikari no nakani Kieta(そして君は希望の光の中に消えた)

・Soan with Akuta

Futashikana Hakoniwa(不確かな箱庭)

Hedatsu Kyokou Tsumugu Shinjitsu to Shoukei(隔つ虚構紡ぐ真実と憧憬)



hysteria show time


L’oiseau Bleu(ロアゾ・ブルー)

【Live Information】

Soan Project with Akuta

Gekijouban “Saint Ivy-san” -Ivy-san Tanjou no Himitsu da nyan!-


July, 5, 2016 (Tue)

Venue: Shinyokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!

Soan Project with Temari

Otsukare Summer 2016 (お疲れサマー2016)

August 31, 2016 (Wed)

Venue: Takadanobaba AREA