【VG】Live Report | 9 BALL GAMES -THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S/defspiral- 4.21

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First held in 2015, 9 BALL GAMES is a two-man tour featuring THE MICRO HEAD 4NS and defspiral that won enough popularity during the first run that it was decided another would be done in 2016. This time, the tour was done with the idea of 9 members at 9 venues, and the 7th show was held at TSUTAYA O-WEST in Shibuya fell on THE MICRO HEAD 4NS guitarist SHUN.s birthday, with Tsutomu Ishizuki, a vocalist of FANATICCRISIS joining as a guest. Some nostalgic songs from FANATIC◇CRISIS were performed, and the venue was filled with excitement.

2015年に行われたTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’Sとdefspiralのツーマンツアー9 BALL GAMES。大好評を博し終えられたそのツアーが2016年2ndとして帰って来た。メンバー9人9公演というスタイルで行われ、4月21日、THE MICRO HEAD 4N’SのSHUN.の誕生日でもあった7回目は、渋谷TSUTAYA O-WESTで行われ、FANATIC◇CRISISのヴォーカル石月努がゲスト出演し、懐かしい曲も演奏され、会場は熱気に包まれた。)




First up, defspiral came on to the stage. Due to MASAKIs temporary hiatus, TERO (†яi¢к) joined this years tour as a support drummer. A vigorous STORM began just after TAKA raised his hand, and the audience heated up by agitato beat. MASQUERADE, a signature piece for defspiral, followed. TAKA sang, swaying his body sexily while the mirror ball rotated, and RYO played the bass, swinging his long hair. On the opposite side of the stage, MASATO completed his guitar solo by playing provocatively and skillfully. The following IN FLAMES was alternative and danceable, which attracted the audience with its sense of hybrid, TAKA wildly singing while being illuminated by red lights. This was followed by SALVAGE, where the audience let loose in furious headbanging. And then came SILVER ARROW, the song carrying an intensity right from the intro. TAKAs powerful vocal echoed throughout the venue, supported by RYOs strong choir in the melodious chorus. The ballad ESTRELLA changed the mood after the emcee, as RYOs gentle plucking and MASATOs emotional sound overlapped with the powerful drumming, TAKAs clear vocals colouring the sweet melody. Arcoromancer and PARADISE followed, during which Nimo and SHUN. of THE MICRO HEAD 4NS joined a long call & response with the crowd. Another popular dance number appeared, as the fans danced for LOTUS in time to the catchy beats. defspiral kept a strong stage presence until the last song, CARNAVAL, capturing the audience in such a way that time seemed to have passed too quickly for their liking.

この日、先に登場したのはdefspiral。ドラムのMASAKIが療養中のため、TERO(†яi¢к)がサポートドラマーとしてこのツアーに参加した。ヴォーカルのTAKAが手をかざし始まったのは疾走感のある「STORM」。その激しいビートに会場はヒートアップ。そしてdefspiralの代表曲といえるであろう「MASQUERADE」が続き、ミラーボールが回転する中、セクシーに体を揺らし歌うTAKA、そして長い髪を振り乱しベースを激しく弾くRYO。MASATOは挑発的にかつ巧みにギターソロを弾き上げた。続くオルタナティブかつダンサブル、そのハイブリッド感が魅力の「IN FLAMES」では、真っ赤なライトに照らされ、TAKAはワイルドに荒々しく歌い上げた。ヘドバンが激しい「SALVAGE」から続いたのはイントロから一気に駆け抜ける「SILVER ARROW」。メロディアスなサビでは、RYOの力強いコーラスに支えられ、TAKAのパワフルな声が会場に響いた。MCを挟み会場の空気を一転させたのはバラードの「ESTRELLA」。重厚なドラムサウンドにRYOの優しい指弾きの低音、そしてMASATOの想いのこもったギターの音色が重なり、TAKAの美しい歌声が優しいメロディーを彩った。「Arcoromancer」、「PARADISE」と続き、THE MICRO HEAD 4N’SからNimoとSHUN.が加わり長いコール&レスポンスで盛り上がり、その勢いのまま「LOTUS」で踊り、そしてラストの「CARNAVAL」まであっという間に感じるほど勢いのあるステージングであった。)







Playing off the resulting energy left by defspiral, THE MICRO HEAD 4NS appeared next. Cheering arose in the intro of SCANDALOUS, title track of the bands first release with new vocalist Nimo, announced the start of the second part of the event. TSUKASA’s steady drumming enticed the fans to dance along as Nimo sang, waving the towel in the air and firing up the crowd. Curtain Call created a change in pace, transitioning to a melodious song in the chorus. Doukoku no GYPSY brought the energy back up after a series of calls & responses, with kazuya, SHUN., and ZERO circling around Nimo in the bridge, joining the audience in bowing down in time with the music, ending with a burst of violent headbanging. Fall Into Darkness shrouded the venue with an air of mystery, with ZEROs deep bass notes resonating in the dark mood between heavy choruses. The stillness and motion made for an interesting contrast. Nimos soulful vocals gave off an aura of heartache in Vanilla, SHUN. and kazuya complimenting it with their guitars. During the emcee, the fans laughed at the shared episode from that morning that involved SHUN.s birthday episode, with the dance tune, I surrender following afterwards. For REVERBERATIONS the heaviest song of this band, TAKA and RYO of defspiral intruded onto the stage after MASATO, and the energy was mounted. With high feverish energy, the band played MONSTERS ROAR. To wrap up, Nimo tried to deliver his feelings to each fan, smiling brightly as he spoke, and carrying that happiness into the upbeat SEVENTH COLOR.

熱気が冷めやらぬ中、続いて登場したのはTHE MICRO HEAD 4N’S。ヴォーカルNimoが加入後リリースされた「SCANDALOUS」が続くイントロの中、歓声が上がりメンバーが一気に登場した。TSUKASAの的確なドラムがファンを踊らせ、Nimoはタオルを振り回しファンを煽り歌った。続く曲は勢いがある一方でサビはメロディアスな聴かせる曲に変化する「Curtain Call」。コール&レスポンスからノリのいい「慟哭のGYPSY」へと続き、間奏ではNimoを囲んだkazuya、SHUN.、ZEROが折り畳みをし、ラストはヘドバンで一気に駆け抜けた。「Fall Into Darkness」では怪しげな雰囲気へと一転し、ダークな雰囲気にベースZEROの深い低音が響くと、サビでは一気に激しくなり静と動が巧みに対比された。「Vanilla」では優しい曲に魂のこもったNimoの歌声が切なさを醸し出し、雰囲気は明るめだが訴え感のある「Nocturne」ではSHUN.とkazuyaが息の合ったギタープレイを見せつけた。MCではこの日誕生日であったSHUN.の朝から起きた面白いエピソードに会場は笑いに包まれ、ダンスチューンの「I surrender」が続き、そしてこのバンドで最も激しいといえるであろう「REVERBERATIONS」ではdefspiralからMASATOが参加すると、途中でTAKAとRYOも乱入し、大きな盛り上がりを見せた。その熱気のままに「MONSTER’S ROAR」、そしてラストは明るい「SEVENTH COLOR」でNimoは笑顔でファンとコミュニケーションを取りながら楽しそうに歌い、一人ひとりに思いを届けようとする姿が印象的であった。)








Responding to the birthday song from the fans, SHUN. came back to the stage first for the encore. All of the members celebrated his birthday with a birthday cake and some presents before Tsutomu Ishizuki made his appearance. Three songs, SLEEPER, Tsuki no Hana, and ONE from FANATIC◇CRISIS were performed, bringing feelings of nostalgia for those who were familiar with the songs, while the three distinctive vocals added a refreshing take. Finally, the fans got their groove on to FEVER of 9 BALL GAMES, a session band consisting of the 9 members of defspiral and THE MICRO HEAD 4NS. The live ended on an electrifying note as members, including Tsutomu Ishizuki, and audience alike partied until the lights went out.

アンコールでは、ファンからのバースデーソングに応え、まずSHUN.が登場。メンバー全員からケーキとプレゼントでお祝いの後、予め発表されていた石月努が登場し、FANATIC◇CRISISから3曲、「SLEEPER」、「月の花」、「ONE」が演奏され、ヴォーカル3人の力強い個性豊かな声が重なり、懐かしい曲で会場を楽しませた。そして最後に演奏されたのは、この両バンドが新たなバンドとして結成したメンバー9人編成の9 BALL GAMESの「FEVER」。特別に石月努を含む10人でステージを盛り上げ、お祭り騒ぎのように会場が一体化し、ライトが消えるとこの日のショーが終わりを告げた。)


Text: Chika Yoshizawa

Photo: Mio Nagasaki


defspiral setlist













Curtain Call

Doukoku no GYPSY (慟哭のGYPSY)

Fall Into Darkness



I surrender






Tsuki no Hana (月の花)



【defspiral Live Information】

6th Anniversary Live –Dear Freaks-

May 28 (Sat) Tokyo Kinema Club


【THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S Release Information】

5th Anniversary Mini Album

Hoshizora ni kakeru Koe (星空ニカケル声)

July 6, 2016, Wed. Release

THE MICRO HEAD 4N’S Live Information

5th Anniversary Tour 2016 Hoshizora ni kakeru Koe (星空ニカケル声)

July 9 (Sat) Shibuya GARRET udagawa (Smartphone members limited)

July 10 (Sun) Shibuya GARRET udagawa

July 15 (Fri) OSAKA RUIDO

July 16 (Sat) Nagoya RAD HALL

July 23 (Sat) Kashiwa Thumb Up

July 24 (Sun) Yokohama baysis

July 31 (Sun) HEAVEN’S ROCK Kumagaya VJ-1

August 10 (Wed) Sendai MACANA

August 27 (Sat) TSUTAYA O-WEST