【Vkei News】Rayflower to embark on their largest 22-city nationwide tour from Sept 14!

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Rayflower to embark on their largest 22-city nationwide tour from Sept 14!

Rayflower_2019ARayflower currently on their tour RayflowerTOUR2019“Re:〜Endless Journey〜 a tour that will cover all songs from their debut to recent releases, just announced a new tour that will start from September 14, 2019 (sat) at Tokyo EX THEATER ROPPONGI. This tour will be Rayflower’s largest ever, that will include first time places such as Ibaraki and, Shiga.
From the official start of their band activities, Rayflower has constantly been holding nationwide tours. At this point, the details are not revealed but, this next tour will definitely be something worth anticipating for as it will be their 10th anniversary next year!

<Rayflower TOUR 2019(Title to be revealed later)>
09/14(sat) 5:00p.m. open/6:00p.m. start TOKYO EX THEATER ROPPONGI
09/24(tue) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Sendai darwin
09/26(thu) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Sapporo cube garden
10/08(tue) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Shin-Yokohama NEW SIDE BEACH!!
10/11(fri) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
10/12(sat) 4:30p.m. open/ 5:00p.m. start Hiroshima SECOND CRUTCH
10/14(mon/holiday)4:15p.m. open/5:00p.m. start  Nagoya E.L.L
10/15(tue) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start LiveHouse Hamamatsu Madowaku
10/20(sun) 4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start Nagano CLUB JUNK BOX
10/22(tue/holiday)4:15p.m open/5:00p.m. start  Kanazawa AZ
10/23(wed) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Takasaki club FLEEZ
10/29(tue) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start HEAVEN’S ROCK Saitama Shintoshin VJ-3
11/02(sat) 4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start KOBE VARIT.
11/04(mon/holiday)4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start KYOTO MUSE
11/05(tue) 6:30p.m open/7:00p.m. start Nara NEVER LAND
11/09(sat) 4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start LIVE HOUSE Matsue AZTiC canova
11/10(sun) 4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start Shiga U☆STONE
11/14(thu) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Mito LIGHTHOUSE
11/15(fri) 6:30p.m. open/7:00p.m. start Koriyama #9
11/23(sat/holiday)4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start  Okayama YEBISU YA PRO
11/24(sun) 4:30p.m. open/5:00p.m. start Takamatsu DIME
11/26(tue) 6:15p.m. open/7:00p.m.start UMEDA CLUB QUATTRO

○TICKET FEE/Adv 5,500yen(tax included/ additional drink fee charged at door)
*Entry of underage children strictly prohibited.

<Rayflower Official Fan Club “Shining GARDEN”club member limited lottery ticket reservation>
Registration period:5/20(mon)3:00p.m. 〜 5/29(wed)11:59p.m.
▶︎09/24(tue)Sendai ~10/29(tue)Saitama live
Registration period:5/21(tue)10:00p.m. 〜 5/29(wed)11:59p.m.
▶︎11/02(sat)Kobe~11/26(tue)Osaka live
Registration period:6/29(sat)10:00p.m 〜 7/08(mon)11:59p.m.
※Fan club member eligible for this lottery registration must be a member by 2019/05/06.
(Registered or renewed membership by 5/5(fee paid))。

<Rayflower Official Site Ticket Adv reservation>
▶︎09/24(tue)Sendai ~10/29(tue)Saitama live
Registration period:6/04(tue)3:00p.m. 〜 6/10(mon)11:59p.m.
▶︎11/02(sat)Kobe~11/26(tue)Osaka live
Registration period:7/12(fri)3:00p.m. 〜 7/21(sun)11:59p.m.

<Now on Tour!>
Rayflower TOUR 2019〜Re:EndlessJourney〜
Each day will have different set lists that will range from their debut to their recent releases!
05/21(tue)18:30open19:00start@HEAVEN’S ROCKさいたま新都心VJ-3 <SOLD OUT!> finished
05/23(thu)18:15open19:00start@名古屋E.L.L finished
05/24(fri)6:15p.m. open/ 7:00p.m. start@ Osaka Misono Universe
05/28(tue)6:00p.m. open/7:00p.m. start@ Tokyo Cinema Club
05/29(wed)6:00p.m. open / 7:00p.m. start@ Tokyo Cinema Club <SOLD OUT!>
TICKET FEE:Adv 5,500yen/Day 6,000yen

6/29(sat)5:30p.m. open/6:00p.m. start@Shibuya SPACE ODD/Cast:SHIN、Rayflower
○TICKET FEE:All standing Adv ¥5,500(1Drink / tax in)※Numbered tickets・Free entry for 3 years and younger
★Ticket play guide advanced reservation ▶︎http://w.pia.jp/t/shin-ray/

「Sakura 50th Birthday Anniversary“暗黒秋櫻”~全櫻澤公演 2019~」
11/20(wed)6:00p.m. open/6:30p.m. start@Shinjuku ReNY
出演:gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / Rayflower / THE MADCAP LAUGHS / ZIGZO DISKGARAGE
○TICKET FEE:Adv 6,000yen(1Drink / tax in)tickets on sale:6/2(sun)10:00a.m.〜

Rayflower profile
Rayflower was formed in 2009 by Keiichi Miyako(Key), Sakura (Dri), IKUO (B), YUKI (Gt), and Takayuki Tazawa (Vo). They made their major debut with their first single “Uragiri no nai Sekai made” which was a theme song for anime 『裏切りは僕の名前を知っている(Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru)』on May 2010.
The band gained attention for their highly appraised performances and remarkable song arrangements.
They officially started their activities in 2014 and, successfully held their one-man at Shibuya Koukaido on May 2015. On October of the same year, they release their first full album “Color & Play” and embarked on their substantial nationwide tour at 10 cities (11 lives). In 2016, they released their first LIVE ALBUM, and with it they held a nationwide tour at 12 cities.
On July 2017, Rayflower released single “Bloom Moment” and in September, they released their 2nd full album “Brilliant Anthology”. With the long-awaited album, the band held their nationwide tour 【TOUR2017〜2018″Brilliant Place”】starting from October 2017 to Feb 2018 at 21 cities ending the tour successfully at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on February 2018 .
And from October 2018, Rayflower embarked on another 21-city tour which included first time places. On entering 2019, the band is yet to slow down, and they are set to make great strides in the future ahead!

◆ Rayflower Official Site: http://www.rayflower.net
◆ Rayflower Channel・http://www.youtube.com/RayflowerChannel

o 都 啓一( Keiichi Miyako )/KEYBOARD/SOUND PRODUCE
Made his major debut as the keyboardist for SOPHIA in 1995. Aside his band activities, he is widely active, sound producing, provide songs, and support lives for various artists along with produce of soundtracks for movies, drama and, theatrical stages.
o Sakura/DRUMS
Made his major debut as the drummer for L’Arc~en~Ciel in 1994(left the band in1997).
In recordings, he also participates as a sound producer alongside with the drum, as he is widely active in the music scene. With his superb drum technique and sharp groove he has many fans among musicians.
After his activities in ex-iT and,Lapis Lazuli, he is the member of BULL ZEICHEN88 and is presently active as support bassist for T.M.Revolution, and TETSUYA. With his highly appraised bass technique, he is known to be one of the popular artisan bassists in bassist magazines.
YUKI,with his shred guitar, and impressive guitar techniques, he is known as one of the prominent guitarist in the Visual kei scene.
o田澤孝介(Takayuki Tazawa)/VOCAL
After residing in Waive、Strobe, he is presently active as a solo vocalist apart from the vocalist of Rayflower. With his entertaining emcees at lives and radio programs and he is also a talented vocalist with a powerful high tone vocal. As for his solo work, on May 16th 2018, he released mini album『Soen Nostalgia』sound produced by Keiichi Miyako.



2019年9月14日(土)東京EX THEATER ROPPONGIを皮切りに
Rayflower史上最大規模全国22都市を廻るLIVE TOUR開催決定!

初上陸の茨城、滋賀を含む自身史上最大規模となる全国22都市を廻るLIVE TOURの開催を発表した。

<Rayflower TOUR 2019(タイトル未定)>
09/14(土)17:00open/18:00start 東京EX THEATER ROPPONGI
09/24(火)18:30open/19:00start 仙台 darwin
09/26(木)18:30open/19:00start 札幌 cube garden
10/08(火)18:30open/19:00start 新横浜 NEW SIDE BEACH!!
10/11(金)18:30open/19:00start 福岡 DRUM Be-1
10/12(土)16:30open/17:00start 広島 SECOND CRUTCH
10/14(月/祝)16:15open/17:00start   名古屋 E.L.L
10/15(火)18:30open/19:00start LiveHouse 浜松窓枠
10/20(日)16:30open/17:00start 長野 CLUB JUNK BOX
10/22(火/祝)16:30open/17:00start   金沢 AZ
10/23(水)18:30open/19:00start 高崎 club FLEEZ
10/29(火)18:30open/19:00start HEAVEN’S ROCK さいたま新都心 VJ-3
11/02(土)16:30open/17:00start 神戸 VARIT.
11/04(月/祝)16:30open/17:00start   KYOTO MUSE
11/05(火)18:30open/19:00start 奈良 NEVER LAND
11/09(土)16:30open/17:00start LIVE HOUSE 松江 AZTiC canova
11/10(日)16:30open/17:00start 滋賀 U☆STONE
11/14(木)18:30open/19:00start 水戸 ライトハウス
11/15(金)18:30open/19:00start 郡山 #9
11/23(土/祝)16:30open/17:00start   岡山 YEBISU YA PRO
11/24(日) 16:30open/17:00start 高松 DIME
11/26(火) 18:15open/19:00start 梅田 CLUB QUATTRO


<Rayflower Official Fan Club “Shining GARDEN”会員対象チケット先行抽選予約>
受付期間:5/20(月)15:00 〜 5/29(水)23:59
受付期間:5/21(火)22:00 〜 5/29(水)23:59
受付期間:6/29(土)22:00 〜 7/08(月)23:59

<Rayflower Official Site チケット先行予約>
受付期間:6/04(火)15:00 〜 6/10(月)23:59
受付期間:7/12(金)15:00 〜 7/21(日)23:59

Rayflower TOUR 2019〜Re:EndlessJourney〜
05/21(火)18:30open19:00start@HEAVEN’S ROCKさいたま新都心VJ-3 <SOLD OUT!>
05/29(水)18:00open19:00start@東京キネマ倶楽部 <SOLD OUT!>
• ○ チケット:前売5,500円/当日6,000円

6/29(土)17:30open/18:00start@渋谷 SPACE ODD/出演:SHIN、Rayflower
○チケット:オールスタンディング 前売り¥5,500(D代別途・税込)※整理番号付き・3歳以上チケット必要

「Sakura 50th Birthday Anniversary“暗黒秋櫻”~全櫻澤公演 2019~」
出演:gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy / Rayflower / THE MADCAP LAUGHS / ZIGZO DISKGARAGE
○チケット:前売りスタンディング 6,000円(税込、ドリンク代別途必要)一般発売日:6/2(日)AM10:00〜

2014年より本格的にライヴ活動をスタートさせ、2015年5月渋谷公会堂公演を開催。2015年 秋、1stフルアルバム『Color & Play』をリリース。同年アルバムを引っさげての全国ツアー、2016年には特別公演を含む計14公演の全国ツアーを実施。楽曲のリリース、全国ツアーをコンスタントに重ね2017年、2018年と2年連続で全国21都市を廻るライブツアーを開催。そして2019年もその勢いは止まることを知らず、更なる飛躍へと進み続ける。

◆ Rayflower Official Site・http://www.rayflower.net
◆ Rayflower Channel配信中・http://www.youtube.com/RayflowerChannel

◎都 啓一(みやこ けいいち) / Keyboard / Sound Produce

◎Sakura / Drums
L’Arc~en~Ciel のドラマーとして1994年メジャーデビュー(1997年脱退)。デビューの頃より“歌うドラム”とも評される卓越した

◎IKUO / Bass
Ex-iT、Lapis Lazuli、を経て BULL ZEICHEN 88 でも活動しているほか、T. M. Revolution、TETSUYAなどの

◎YUKI / Guitar
Λucifer のギタリストとしてデビュー。Acid Black Cherry、Sound Horizonのサポートも務める。

◎田澤孝介(たざわ たかゆき) / Vocal