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【VG】LIVE REPORT|Rayflower Tour 2017-2018 “Brilliant Place” 2018/2/16(fri) at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST

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Rayflower Tour 2017-2018 “Brilliant Place”
2018/2/16(fri) at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST

Rayflower 0216 allWith Rayflower’s 2nd full album “Brilliant Anthology” released in July 2017, the band went on a 21-city tour that started in October. Each live bloomed in its own way, leading the path to their tour final at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. Rayflower’s “Brillant Place” at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST was a culmination of the things they had gained and nurtured from each live of the tour.
(アルバム「Brilliant Anthology」を引っさげて挑んだツアーが2017年10月に開始、合計21箇所にそれぞれの華を咲かせ、それを道標に辿り着いたツアーファイナル。各所で育んできたものを余す事なく、Rayflowerの“Brilliant Place”は新木場STUDIO COASTにて彼らの紡ぎだした音で彩られた。)

Miyako Rayflower 0216

Miyako (Key)

As the lights dimmed, and numerous blue lights bathed the stage, the first song “introduction” from album “Brilliant Anthology” resounded throughout the venue. When the lights shifted to a warm color, Sakura (dr), Keiichi Miyako (key), YUKI (gu), IKUO (ba), and Takayuki Tazawa (vo) appeared one by one as the audience roared in cheers. “Shinkiba~!! Let’s GO!!” As Tazawa got the audience pumped up, “Brilliant Place”, a song bouncy yet has a profound rock taste, made the way for the start of their tour final. From the start, the venue was energetic, and in the next song, “Real Game” the rhythmical slap bass unwound, and as Tazawa pumped his fist up, the floor followed suit. Although it was only the second song, the venue engulfed in the heat of the live, and as the venue dimmed for a short break, the floor delivered shouts of encouragement to the stage by calling out member’s names. Tazawa answered the passionate fans by yelling, “Shinkiba~!! Are you having fun? We are Rayflower!!”, following up with shouts of, “Come on!! Come on!! Get ready for more!!!” to energize the fans further as the live resumed with the stylish “Survive no susume”. This particular number features Miyako’s fantastic key solo, along with lines of IKUO’s incredibly fluent slap bass, YUKI’s flamboyant melodious guitar, and Miyako’s psychedelic keyboard; it is a song that only the band can create by weaving these elements together. Moreover, this is the song that gives both the stage and floor opportunities to pick up steam. Following was a song with a strong message “U-TOPIA” sung powerfully by Tazawa as Sakura’s sharp drum abide by the strong lyrics, gave the song additional power. With the firm melody that the guitar and keyboard drew, the song gave a psychedelic taste which seemed to boost the attractiveness of the song. Then, under the red lights, IKUO’s groovy bass solo started “Prisoner of evolution”, and as Tazawa sang with his specialty of long-tone, the audience joined in singing along, and before long, the floor and the stage seemed to embrace the unity.
(会場が暗転し、無数の青い照明が場内を浴びせると、アルバム「Brilliant Anthology」1曲目でもある「introduction」が鳴り響いた。暖色のライトに変換されると、Sakura(dr)、都啓一(key)、YUKI(gu)、IKUO(ba)、そして田澤孝介(vo)と順番にステージに現れると、声援がフロアから沸き起こった。 「楽しんで行こうぜ~!!」と田澤がフロアに煽りを入れると軽快でロックテイストが色濃い「Brilliant Place」でライブの幕開けとなった。ステージは最初からエネルギッシュで、続いた「Real Game」ではIKUOのスラップの効いたリズミカルなベースが展開され、そして田澤が拳を上げるとそれに応える様にフロアからは一斉に拳が上がった。場内すでに、二曲目にして熱気に包まれ、一旦ステージが暗転すると再びフロアから声援がステージに届けられた。田澤は声援に応える様に、“新木場~!!元気ですか~!俺たちがRayflowerです!!”と前置きに、「ツアーファイナル!いけるかぁーー!!!」と叫び次のスタイリッシュな「サバイヴノススメ」に向けてフロアにエネルギーを注いだ。都のキーボードのソロが光るナンバーで、IKUOのパンチのある速弾きスラップに、YUKIの華やかなメロディアスなギター、そして都のサイケデリックなキーボードが織り成すバンドサウンドは彼らならでは。そして、何よりステージとフロアの掛け合いも楽しさを増すのもこの曲である。続いた、「U-TOPIA」ではメッセージ性の強い歌詞を力強く歌い上げる田澤に、その歌詞に沿ってSakuraのシャープなドラムが音を引き締めながらもどこかサイケデリックな音色の魅力が、ギターとキーボードのメロディから感じさせられる。赤い照明の下、IKUOのグルーヴのあるベースソロから始まった「Prisoner of evolution」では、終盤にかけて、田澤が得意のロングトーンで歌い上げると、それに追随してファンも歌い、気が付けばフロアは仰ぐ手の海と化し、ステージとの一体感を感じさせた。)


IKUO Rayflower 2 0216

IKUO (ba)

When the lights dimmed, the first emcee started. Tazawa was the first to pick up the mic and express his feelings of delight at the beginning of his emcee before he began to look back at the tour. “The tour was full of memories and I think it will totally be special. I hope it will be for you all too. Please fully enjoy the live. He ended the emcee with “In this tour that started with the 2nd album released in September 2017, we have gained something we did not grasp during the recording so, whether you have listened to the album or not, we would like all of you to enjoy the sound of the present Rayflower.” As Tazawa ended his emcee, the twin vocal song by Tazawa and IKUO, “MAZE OF LIFE” resumed the live. The fusion of harmonizing voices of the two vocalists bathed in the spotlight with a melody that was reminiscent of the 80s made for a comfortable pairing. Sakura’s splendid tempo of the drum and YUKI’s relaxed and mellow guitar solo also seemed to spice up the song. From that point, the atmosphere of the live gradually shifted to a drastic one as purple-yellow lights tainted the stage in“Preppers~Kodoku na doukeshi~”, with Miyako’s striking piano. Evident change was seen in the next “Higeki no Meshudo” as the stage basked in deep blue lights that turned to crimson as Tazawa’s emotional singing voice morphed into a grievous cry of the character in the song, which created a grave atmosphere in the venue.“Tsumi ni batsu, kuro to shiro”, a sensuous and somber song with a touch of jazz followed, and then “Change your sight” brought about an uplifting touch as YUKI’s guitar intro gently flowed around the venue, blended with encouraging lyrics. Then, under the multi-colored lights, “It’s a beautiful day” enveloped the venue right away in a cheerful atmosphere with its upbeat tempo. During the song, Tazawa took video of the stage and floor with a portable video camera in his hand as everyone enthusiastically pumped their fists and jumped to the music, creating a sense of unity in the venue.
(一旦暗転すると、この日最初のMCが始まった。田澤がマイクを取ると、「すでにめちゃ楽しい。」と、開口一番本ライブの楽しさを滲ませながらも、本ツアーを振り返り「素直に濃密なツアーだった。最高の思い出になるなと思いました。みんなにとってもそうなるといいなと思っています。心のおもむくままに楽しんでください。2017年9月発売の2ndフルアルバム引っさげて始まったこのツアーで、レコーディングでは見えなかったものが見えてきているので、アルバム聴いている人も聴いてない人も今のRayflowerを堪能してほしい。」と田澤がMCを締めくくると、田澤とIKUOのツインボーカルの「MAZE OF LIFE」でライブが再開された。スポットライト浴びた二人の絶妙な掛け合いと、懐かしい80年代のサウンドを彷彿させるメロディの融合が心地よい。Sakuraのドラムの絶好なテンポそしてYUKIの延びやかなギターソロもまた曲のスパイスとなっている。するとここから、紫と黄色の照明がステージを彩った都の奏でる音が印象的な「Preppers~孤独な道化師~」からライブの流れを徐々に劇的なものへとシフトしていった。それを物語る様に「悲劇のメシュード」では深淵の青を纏ったステージから深紅へと移り行く中で、情念を織り込ませた田澤の歌声が楽曲の主人公の悲痛な叫びを場内へと浸透させるように響きわたり、どこか艶やかで、もの寂し気でジャジーな「罪に罰、黒と白」が続くと、ここからYUKIのギターイントロが穏やかに流れ、寄り添う様な歌詞が印象的な「Change your sight」が演奏されると、彩り豊かな照明の下、アップテンポな「It’s a beautiful day」で一気に明るい雰囲気が場内を包んだ。曲中田澤がハンディカメラを片手に、拳あげたり、ジャンプしたりとアクティブなステージとフロアを映しつつ、場内の一体感を感じさせた一曲だった。)

Tazawa Rayflower 0216

Takayuki Tazawa (vo)

At the halftime point, after an introduction by Tazawa, the magic show by Keiichi Miyako, “Special Show Time !!” started. As the floor clapped along to the SE for the magic show, magician Miayko showed up on stage attired in a glittering vest. After some simple magic by Miyako, from the side of the stage, Tazawa showed up pushing a big box out to the stage, and the big illusion, the main event of Miyako’s magic show had started. The illusion started with Tazawa being locked in the box by Miyako. Then, Miyako climbed on top of the box, covering himself with the red drape as he did. As he dropped the drape, Miyako disappeared and Tazawa who had been locked in the box reappeared. As the crowd burst into cheers once Tazawa had unlocked the box, YUKI showed up with his hands up in the air with an ear-to-ear grin. Putting the final touch to the illusion, Miyako, the main cast, made his reappearance from the back with a smile of accomplishment while wearing a sash written “Yugen jikkou (walk the talk)”! As he ran back to the stage, the venue erupted in laughter, and in the emcees after, the member’s talked about how the vest of Miyako’s costume made him look like a magician and how that led to Miayko doing magic during the tour. IKUO, who sometimes comments out of the blue, suggested “why not make “Yugen jikkou (walk the talk)” goods? ”giving fuel for the talkative Miyako and Tazawa to extend the conversation, putting the venue in a joyful atmosphere.
(中盤、田澤の紹介で都啓一のマジックショー「Special Show Time!!」が始まった。フロアがマジックショー用のSEにのせて手拍子をすると、スパンコールあしらったベストを着用したマジシャン・都が登場した。両手でできるマジックをいくつか披露すると、袖から大きな箱を押しながら助手の田澤が登場し、本ツアーのマジックの集大成のビッグなイリュージョンが披露された。箱に田澤が入り、都が箱をロックする。その上に都が乗り赤いドレープで自らを覆いつくしたところで、ドレープを落としたら箱に入っていたはずの田澤が登場。会場から歓声が上がると、そこから更に、田澤が箱を開けると、なんと満面の笑顔でYUKIが咲きポーズで登場したのだ。そして、主役の都、どこから登場するかと思いきや、フロア後方から達成感が滲み出た笑顔で「有言実行」のたすきをかけて登場!ステージに戻ると、場内は笑いと歓声が一気に沸き起こり、その後のMCではマジックをやるきっかけが衣装のベストがマジシャンっぽい事にあった事や、「有言実行」グッズをつくったら?と唐突に提案するIKUOに都と田澤がツッコミ入れるという和気あいあいとしたRayflowerらしいMCが展開された。)

YUKI Rayflower 2 0216

YUKI (gu)

The latter half of the live started with Sakura’s drums bursting into the venue for“Toki niwa seikou wa shippai no moto”. Then, as IKUO’s amazing bass intro started “Runaway Brain”, the tempo sped up with hefty rhythm engraved in the melody. Both the members on-stage and audience on the floor twirled their towels energetically, alternating those actions with thrashing their heads with increasing intensity in the lead up to Sakura’s thundering drum solo, leaving a heavy presence until the end. After the heavy line-up, what followed was the fun and playful, “Sunday driver” where the members wore fake eyeglasses. As the venue lit up in the next “Youthful high”, the floor jumped excitedly to the music as the members also interacted with each other as excitement built up in the venue. In the following “Soul survivor”, the song stunningly developed as IKUO’s accelerating bass solo and YUKI’s mellow guitar solo was played successively. As the audience waved their hands in the air to the melody, the song got the crowd worked up for the next catchy and melodious “Bloom Moment” that capped off the main set as if it had been waiting for its turn to bloom in the venue.
(ライブ後半はSakuraのドラムが弾ける疾走感溢れる「ときには成功は失敗のもと」で再開されると、そこからIKUOのベースイントロが堪能できる「Runaway Brain」では、更にテンポ加速し、重厚な音がずっしりとリズムを刻みながら、タオルをエネルギッシュに回したり、ヘドバンと休む事なく激しさを増して行き、Sakuraの雷が唸る様なドラムソロで曲が締めくくられた。ヘヴィなラインアップから、続いたのは遊びのある、メンバーが伊達メガネ着用の「サンデードライバー」。一気に明るさが花開き、その後の「ユースフルハイ」でもフロアはジャンプ、メンバーも絡み合いながら楽しさ満点の熱気が場内を包んだ。次の「Soul survivor」では、滑らかなIKUOの速弾きベースソロ、それに繋ぐ様にYUKIのメロウなギターソロが展開され、颯爽としたメロディに仰ぐ多くの手がフロアから上がり盛り上がりを見せた。そして花開く瞬間を待ちわびていたかのようにメインセットの最後を飾ったのは、キャッチーでメロディアスな「Bloom Moment」だった。)
Sakura Rayflower 0216

Sakura (dr)

In the encore,the members reappeared on the stage holding up their tour towel as the floor burst into cheers. When all of the members came back on stage, each member took turns in giving a message to the fans with Tazawa leading the emcee for their routine member call.
The first to talk was IKUO who said that in this tour he was able to put himself in a relaxed state by putting worries aside which made him fully enjoy the tour. Sakura talked about how the songs in the album “Brilliant Anthology” had developed day by day into something new during the tour, and that the album is always in progress of development. However, Sakura commented that in order to complete the album, he feels that fans are one of the members who breathe life into the songs, and in this tour, he was able to get a glimpse of the culmination of the album. As for YUKI, he commented, “It is sad the tour will end today, but the power of fans that participated in this tour is here with us. It was such an exciting tour! [laugh]” Lastly, Miyako took the mic for his comment on the tour. “I am very happy to go on tour in order to see everybody at the lives. We did 21 lives, but time flies so quickly. When there is an end, there is always a start. We promise you the start of some new lives.” Miyako announced the future schedule for the band. “We are going to have the annual Rayflower hosted two-man event, “Night Witch Glorious” on Jun13 Osaka, June 14 Nagoya, and June 20 Tokyo. (The day of the Tokyo performance will be on YUKI’s birthday. If they are to throw in the routine birthday surprise it will be the first surprise for YUKI.) Also, we are going to go on another nationwide tour from October so please hang on! “After Miyako, Tazawa commented. “It feels sad when the tour is about to end, but when we finished “Brilliant Anthology”, we were worried how the album would be received throughout the tour, but I think we were able to put out something that only Rayflower can. With this in mind, we would like to reunite with all of you at our future lives, and at that time, we would like to exchange energy with all of you as we did today!
Finally, we would like to play the last song for all of you with appreciation and love.”
As the final song for the fans, the vibrant “Hanataba~from rose with love~” was played, a fitting ending song as the tour “Brilliant Place” came to an end.
(アンコールでは、メンバーがツアータオルを掲げながら登場し、フロアから歓声が上がった。メンバーが全員ステージへ集まると、田澤が進行を務める恒例のメンバーコールでメンバーそれぞれコメントを残した。本ツアーでは気負いなく自然体で挑んで、素直に楽しんだというIKUO。ツアーを回り演奏を重ねることで曲は日々進化していく意味でいつになっても未完成だが、完成に近づけいくにはお客さんもメンバーだと思っていて、今回のツアーではみんなで『Brilliant Anthology』の曲を育てて、アルバム「Brilliant Anthology」の1つの完成形が見えたというSakura。「終わってしまうのはさみしいけど、この景色、21公演でのみんなのパワーがここに集まっている。とても楽しいツアーだった。とYUKI。最後に都がマイクを持ち「ツアーに回れてみんなに会えて良かった。21本やってきて、あっという間だったツアーでした。終わりがあるという事は必ず始まりがあり、次の約束をします」と、言うと今後のスケジュールが発表された。「Rayflower主催の「Night Witch Glorious」6/13・大阪、6/14・名古屋、そして6/20・東京。(余談ではあるが、東京公演はYUKIの誕生日との事。Rayflower恒例の誕生日サプライズが行われるとするならば、YUKIのサプライズは初となるそうだ。)そして10月には全国ツアーに出るので今後も宜しく!」と、都が締めくくると、最後に田澤がコメント。「ツアーが終わってしまうのはさみしいけど、「Brilliant Anthology」が完成し、ツアーが始まる前はどうなるかな?と心配だったけど、これがRayflowerだという事を打ち出す事ができたので、これを踏まえてまた一回り大きくなってみんなに会いたいと思っています。そして、みんなとまたエネルギーの交換をしたいと思っています!Rayflowerから感謝と愛を込めてこの曲を贈りたいと思います。」ファイナルを締めくくるに相応しい力強いファンへの歌の花束、「花束~from rose with love~」が贈られると、ツアー「Brilliant Place」は終わりを告げた。)

Rayflower successfully ran through their longest tour yet of 21 places that started in October 2017. The things that they gained throughout the tour have made Rayflower a more attractive band. Not only in terms of sound, and performance, but they are also sincere in the creation of their lives. In addition, this band never forgets to entertain and fascinate the audience.
Expectations are high for the band on how they will present themselves in the future ahead!

01.Brilliant Place
02.Real Game
03.サバイヴノススメ (Survive no susume)
05.Prisoner of Evolution
07.Preppers~孤独な道化師~ (Preppers~Kodoku no doukeshi~)
08.悲劇のメシュード (Higeki no meshudo)
09.罪に罰、黒と白 (Tsumi ni batsu, kuro to shiro)
10.Change your sight
11.It’s a beautiful day
12.ときに成功は失敗のもと (Toki ni seikouwa shipai no moto)
13.Runaway brain
14.サンデードライバー (Sunday driver)
15.ユースフルハイ(Youthful high)
16.Soul Survivor
17.Bloom Moment

01.花束~from rose with love~ (Hanataba ~from rose with love~)

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Miyako Rayflower 2 0216

YUKI Rayflower 0216

Sakura Rayflower 2 0216


Tazawa Rayflower 2 0216

IKUO Rayflower 0216



Rayflower has just announced the release of their LIVE DVD of the TOUR FINAL”Brilliant Place”FINAL at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST! The tour that has been their longest, embarking on to 21 cities nationwide, this LIVE DVD will definitely be a timeless edition of Rayflower’s vibrant live performances!
Further information will be announced later! Don’t miss out on it!!

バンド史上最大規模となった全国21都市21公演に及んだTOUR“Brilliant Place”ファイナル、
東京・新木場STUDIO COAST公演の模様を全曲収録したライヴDVDが登場!

TOUR “Brilliant Place” FINAL at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST


◆Item number:LNBM-1258
◆Price:5,000 yen(tax out)

01. introduction
02. Brilliant Place
03. Real Game
04. サバイヴノススメ(Survive no susume)
06. Prisoner of evolution
08. Preppers ~孤独な道化師~ (Preppers~Kodoku no doukeshi~)
09. 悲劇のメシュード (Higeki no meshudo)
10. 罪に罰、黒と白 (Tsumi ni batsu, kuro to shiro)
11. Change Your Sight
12. It’s a beautiful day
13. ときに成功は失敗のもと (Toki ni seikouwa shipai no moto)
14. Runaway Brain
15. サンデードライバー (Sunday driver)
16. ユースフルハイ (Youthful high)
17. Soul survivor
18. Bloom Moment
19. 花束~from rose with love~ (Hanataba ~from rose with love~)

The footage of the grand finale of the magic show “Special Show Time ” will also be included!

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