【Vkei-News】Singer Kaya celebrates 15th solo anniversary with 4th album “ROSE”!

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【Vkei-News】Singer Kaya celebrates 15th solo anniversary with 4th album “ROSE”!

Kaya, the one and only singer who transcends gender and genre, is going to be releasing his fourth original full-length album.

This time, singer-songwriter Tsuki Amano has written a new song for Kaya, and the album also includes “Yumeji” and “Monday Monday” co-written with singer-songwriter Yume Suzuki, and “TABOO” co-written with Ken Morioka (SOFT BALLET).

Closely acquainted artists such as Fukusuke。,(ADAPTER./THE BEETHOVEN/METRONOME), Yoko Hamasaki (Urban Garde), Haru Aoi (HITO TO NARI/ex. MINUS LIFE ORCHESTRA), contributed to new songs. The album will also include new songs written by old acquaintances such as Hora, fellow member of Schwarz Stein, and PetitMOA co-producer and chanson singer Soiree.

In addition, guest players such as Kei Okubo (Urban Garde/Ame Ya Ame), Emoji In No.2 (High Dancy Dorothy), Tsunehito (D), and Yura Sama (Psycho le Cemu/Dacco/The Beathoven/Brother) , FUMIYA(Unlucky Morpheus/猫曼殊) and, violinist Kajika will also be participating.

Savor the true essence of Kaya, who continues to evolve as he marks his 15th anniversary as a solo artist.


Album “ROSE”
Release date: June 8, 2022 (Wed)
*Pre-sale on May 25, 2022 (Wed) at the official mail order site!

Normal Edition
Included songs: Total 15 songs including 9 new songs
Item No.: TK-25
Price: 4,000 yen
Sold at all Tower Records stores, Tower Records Online, official mail order site, and live venues.

Crowdfunding Limited Edition
Includes sleeve case and 3 different jackets (randomly selected)
Included songs: 15 songs in total including 9 new songs
Item No.: TK-26
Price before tax: 4,500 yen
No store sales and no mail-order sales
Sold only at live concert venues

Scheduled to be distributed from June 8, 2022
Online music distribution will be available worldwide from June 8,2022!

<Music provided by>
Tsuki Amano / Yume Suzuki / Ken Morioka(SOFT BALLET) / Yoko Hamasaki(Urban Garde) / Soiree / ICHIRO KAMIYAMA /
Misa(Da’vid no apostle:aL) / Hora(Schwarz Stein) / Iori Minamoto(Phobia/exFemme Fatale)

Masayuki Hyodo / Kazutoshi Yokoyama / ICHIRO KAMIYAMA / Kei Suzuki
Kei Okubo(Urban Garde) / Jyoji No.2 (Hide and seek Dorothy) / Tsunehito (D) / YURA Sama (Psycho le Cemu) /Dacco/THE BEETHOVEN/Brother) / FUMIYA (Unlucky Morpheus/Nekomanju) / Kajika

Included songs
1. 花陽炎(Hanayouen) (lyrics:Kaya/music&Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
2. spotlight (lyrics&music:Aoi Haru)
3. TABOO (lyrics:Kaya/music:KEN MORIOKA)
4. Madame Rosa (lyrics:Kaya/music:Misa/Arrange:Kei Suzuki)
5. FABULOUS -morning ocean mix- (lyrics:Kaya/music&Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
6. Monday Monday -toy mix- (lyrics:Kaya & Suzuki Yume/music:Suzuki Yume/Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
7. Come closer -rose mix- (lyrics:Kaya/music&Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
8. Yumeji (lyrics:Kaya/music:Yume Suzuki/arrange:Soiree & Kei Okubo)
9. 禁色 forbidden color(lyrics&music:Yoko Hamasaki/Arrange:ICHIRO KAMIYAMA)
10. neverland (lyrics:Kaya/music:Fukusuke.)
11. Otogiriso (lyrics:Kaya/music:Iori Minamoto)
12. yggdrasil (lyrics:Kaya/music:Hora/Arrange:Masayuki Momoshi)
13. rose (lyrics:Kaya & Amano Tsuki / music:Amano Tsuki / Arrangement:Kazutoshi Yokoyama)
14. pray (lyrics:Kaya & Tsuki Amano/music:Tsuki Amano/Arrange:Kazutoshi Yokoyama)
15. come here(koko ni oide) (lyrics&music:Soiree/Arrange:Soiree& Kei Okubo)

<One-man live>
Kaya 15th Anniversary Live Show “Rose Addict”
Date: Saturday, June 11, 2022
Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
OPEN 5:00 / START 5:45p.m.
Advance: 6,800 yen (tax included/drinks not included)
Door: 7,800 yen (tax included/Dr. fee not included)
VIP:15,000 yen(Tax included/Dr. fee not included/Ceremonial goods included)
Tickets on sale! Special website:



Kaya_ROSE_2<About Kaya >
A beautiful solo singer who transcends the barriers of gender and genre with songs and dresses.
Kaya started his solo career in 2006, and made major label debut with the single “Chocolat” in 2008.
Kaya has established a one-and-only world in his songs that fuse aesthetic lyrics and dance music, and has held many overseas performances in the US, South America, and Europe. He is also active as a chanson singer and, has produced the “New Year Chanson Show” featuring unique artists.
In May 2022, Kaya will release his first full original album in eight and a half years, “ROSE”, and hold a one-man live concert at Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall on Saturday, June 11.

▼Official Site

▼Online Salon “Addict”