20190430_VK_waive live view

【VG】LIVE REPORT|Waive April 30, 2019 Zepp Tokyo GIG「Sayonara?」Itoshii Heisei yo (Full length Live Report) +GIG「Mada minu“Reiwa” eto kakenuketeku」(Short Digest) 

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Waive April 30, 2019 Zepp Tokyo
GIG「Sayonara?」Itoshii Heisei yo (Full length Live Report)
+GIG「Mada minu“Reiwa” eto kakenuketeku」(Short Digest)

20190430_VK_waive live viewMany may be familiar with Waive from the event MUD FRIENDS that took place late last year, starring same generation bands such as Psycho le cemu and, MUCC. Though the history of the band goes way back as they were officially active from 2000 to 2005,when they’ve suddenly decided to part ways in December 2005. However, in the past decade, the band had made numerous reunions, not as a revival of the band but, as what they call, “a process towards their disbandment”. As intricate and delicate humans can be, same could be said for a band, and Waive is no exception. Through what they experienced through the process of their “disbandment” lies the intricate and delicate emotions which are needless to say, are “alive” and, are probably something that cannot be concluded in a word or two.
20190430_VK_waive tazawa 2
Takayuki Tazawa(Vo)
On April 30, the last day of the Heisei era, Waive held one of their largest one-man at Zepp Tokyo. It was a rainy day on the last day of the Heisei era, and that was nothing for the approximately two thousand fans who waited for their number to be called as they waited patiently outside the venue. There was no doubt the live was special for the fans too, as near the start of the live the venue was packed with excited fans waiting for the live to start.
The anticipation of the crowd was felt throughout the venue and, at few minutes past six, the SE resounded the venue and rotating blue lights danced the stage as support drummer Yasuo Yamauchi, bassist Jun Takai, guitarist Takashi Ninokata, guitarist/leader Yoshinori Sugimoto, and vocalist Takayuki Tazawa appeared one-by-one, Waive’s “GIG “Sayonara?” Itoshii Heisei yo” had started with one of their signature song 「Days.」. The band kick started their live as Tazawa released his lengthy voice, alongside the drums of support drummer Yamauchi beating an uplifting rhythm. From the melodious, the band showed the aggressive and funky side with「FAKE」and in the next playful and punk「Vanilla」, the members drew close to the floor as the stage and floor jumped in unison warming up the venue to their array of songs ahead.
20190430_VK_waive sugimoto 2
Yoshinori Sugimoto (gu)
With an energizing welcome emcee by Tazawa, the live resumed right away with the up-tempo 「PEACE?」, the expressively abundant 「Kimi to Waraou」, and devilishly pop 「Wagamama ROMEO」that were fun and lifting songs that seemed to reminisce the youthful days. Though the reminisce, the band drew out what they’ve got as the present “Waive” which is in fact, what makes their songs special for them and the audience.
The fans fervently shouted members names as Tazawa fueled up the crowd calling for more. As the stage bathed the cheers and shouts of the fans, Tazawa took the mic to thank the fans for choosing to come to their live on a special day as it was the last day of the Heisei era. The emcee resumed with the talkative duo, Sugimoto and Tazawa as they talked about the change in the Japanese era along with the talk about their recent Spring tour.
That said, during their「Wave to Waive」tour, each of the day had a rare song section where they performed songs that were not played much in the past. Even though, this day was an isolated day and, not part of the tour, the band had decided to play one of their rare songs as, Tazawa introduced the song「One」that resumed their live. The reaction of the crowd seemed to ripple through with excitement as this song was not only rarely played but is probably one of the most challenging songs they have with the overall high key melody that could in fact loose it’s balance with one key going off. In that sense, it seems they have chosen the right time to perform with the well-balanced vocal and instruments.
20190430_VK_waive nino 1
Takashi Ninokata (gu)
As diverse songs can be, the next two songs, firm yet exotic「ASIAN「noir」GENERATION」and, the psychedelic「Just Like Me」portrayed the unique and distinct side of Waive with the contrastive vocals of Sugimoto and Tazawa sung alternatively through the two songs with the noteworthy profound bass of Takai which gave body to the songs.
20190430_VK_waive gingatetsudoAfter their second emcee, where they talked about the rerecorded version of the past release「Dear」distributed to the audience on the day, Tazawa resumed the live saying, “ This is how it will be like when we play this song now. 「Dear」.” From Sugimoto’s arpeggio, with Ninokata’s guitar embracing the mellow sound, the song had a smooth, warm, yet with a powerful impression which seemed to portray the present Waive, which can also be said for the three songs that followed. From the bright, followed was,「Ginga Tetsudou」, where the lights dimmed dark blue with starry lights twinkling above the stage, led the venue into their mesmerizing world, as the next「Sekai ga subete shizumu-Pain-」took to the stage with an essence of wistfulness and vibrance, with the notable prodigious vocal of Tazawa. When the lights turned dark crimson,「spanner」further dove into the dark and wistful as Sugimoto’s guitar drawn a repetitive wave of melancholy note which resounded the quiet venue.
20190430_VK_waive takai 2
Jun Takai (ba)
With a brief emcee, the band resumed the live starting with「Ano hana ga saku koro ni」 as the members fueled up the fans for the array of energetic and feisty songs for the latter half of the show. From the visually and sound-wise colorful, 「Lost in Music.」to the agitating 「assorted lovephobia」, the stage and floor stimulated each other steaming up the atmosphere. Furthermore,「Sad.」 induced head-banging among the stage and floor, as the playfully vibrant 「NegaPosi(Negative&Positive)」had the energetic “Oui!Oui!Oui!Oui!” call and response between the members and the fans.
20190430_VK_waive live view 2“C’mon is that all you guys GOT?? TOKYO!!” Shouted Tazawa, fueling up the floor for more. As the twin vocal「Girlish Mind」started and, the members drew close to the floor exchanging the calls as the heat risen up each time the calls were exchanged. To feel this atmosphere is probably one of the best parts of a live and, is needless to say, diverse which makes every single live special. The band capped off their main set with the bright, uplifting「Itsuka」 that portray the positive side of Waive with the lifting lyrics.
20190430_VK_waive tazawa


20190430_VK_waive takai20190430_VK_waive sugimoto1The band came back to the stage amidst showering encore calls, and resumed the live with their newest release,「BRiNG ME TO LiFE」. A beautiful ballad, with the members in harmony in the main melody, the lyrics of the song seemed to strongly portray an updated progress of the band through their past memory.
As Sugimoto took the mic right after the song talked about how it is a miracle for this band to come to this day as he looked back to the 14years from their official disbandment in 2005. “As we make decisions right or wrong, meet and farewell to people, we learn from every experience we encounter. There is no right or wrong in what we experience and, it is probably about forgiving one another, and to move on. That is what to age may be and, something I have learned through these years. Early this year, I had experienced one of the most grievous times in my life, but I have been blessed by our fans, staffs, and above all, by my fellow members that once parted away in confict. It’s a miracle for me. I feel that what we will experience, may not always be the answer at that moment but, I think the important thing is to cherish the time we have now. I hope all of you will cherish the time as I am doing now. Thanks.”
After Sugimoto, Tazawa gave the last emcee of the day. “I couldn’t have imagined we would come all this way to reunite and perform as Waive. It may be my first time saying this in my words but, I have been the cause of the break-up of the band. For me, it took time to realize what I have done taking away the smiles of our fans. But on the other hand, the break-up made me to realize it, and I am very fortunate to come to this day to show the present Waive. I truly had a fun time. I hope we can reunite, and when that time comes again, I wish Waive will still be one of the memories in everyone’s life. Thank you.”
20190430_VK_waive heart“The next song probably says it all about our past, present, and future.” Said Tazawa, as the last song of the day,「HEART.」was played. After Sugimoto’s guitar solo flowed the venue, lights lit up and from above, thousands of hearts with part of the lyrics of the song written fluttered down on the stage and crowd. An amazing scenery had set the crown on their last one-man of the Heisei era.
20190430_VK_waive endroll“It may not be right but, it is not a mistake.” This was part of the lyric that was written on the heart which probably says it all of what their process to their “disbandment” in the 14 years was about, and probably will be for the future as well.


May 1, 2019 Ebisu LIQUID ROOM (Additional live)「GIG「Mada minu“Reiwa”eto kakenuketeku」Short Digest
waive liqud roomWaive had an additional live on the following day of their Zepp Tokyo one-man at Ebisu LIQUID ROOM. The live started in a surprising form as, the main set of the day “started” and, “ended” with 「HEART.」. After the song was played, the members turned on an act to bid farewell as if this was their very last song, inducing laughs from the crowd. Fans laughed their eyes out to the act and, abiding to it shouted for encore. The members came out attired in the band’s original T-shirt, all of them with a delightful expression, performed 20 encore songs consisting of lively and heavy songs from「Domiso Fighter」to the last song 「Days.」, with an exception of one ballad 「Sotto…」performed in the middle of the encore.
This day, all the members (including support drummer) had their emcee paying gratitude towards each other and the fans. In Sugimoto’s emcee, he had mentioned that the last time they reunited in 2016, support drummer Yamauchi had persuaded Sugimoto that Waive should play again in the future. Luckily, they had that opportunity when MUCC had invited Waive in the event MUD FRIENDS and, that is what led them to reunite this time.

The members seemed positive towards their next reunion and, someday in the next six years or so, as the members had mentioned, we may be able to see them on the stage once again. Let’s wait and see how the future days will turn out to be!

2019.04.30 Zepp Tokyo
Waive GIG「Sayonara?」Itoshii Heisei yo
1. Days.
3. Vanilla (バニラ)
5. Kimi to Waraou (君と微笑おう)
6. Wagamama ROMEO (わがままロミオ)
7. One
9. Just Like Me
10. Dear
11. Ginga Tetsudou (銀河鉄道)
12. Sekai ga subete shizumu-Pain- (世界が全て沈む-Pain-)
13. spanner
14. Ano hana ga saku koro ni (あの花が咲く頃に)
15. Lost in Music.
16. assorted lovephobia
17. Sad.
18. NegaPosi (Negative&Positive)
19. Girlish Mind (ガーリッシュマインド)
20. Itsuka (いつか)

En-2. HEART.

2019.05.01 Ebisu LIQUID ROOM
「GIG「Mada minu“Reiwa” eto kakenuketeku」
EN.1 Domiso Fighter (ドミソファイター)
EN.2 NegaPosi (Negative&Positive)
EN.3 assorted lovephobia
EN.4 Kimi no hitomi ni koi shiteru. (キミノヒトミニ恋シテル。)
EN.5 Honey
EN.6 will
EN.7 Wagamama ROMEO (わがままロミオ)
EN.8 Sotto… (そっと…)
EN.10 TRUExxx
EN.11 Paper dress Lady (ペーパードレスレディ)
EN.12 Vanilla (バニラ)
EN.13 Baby, I LOVE YOU.
EN.14 Ano hana ga saku koro ni (あの花が咲く頃に)
EN.15 Lost In Music.
EN.17 Sad.
EN.18 Girlish Mind (ガーリッシュマインド)
EN.19 Itsuka (いつか)

ENCORE 2-1 Days.


Photo Credit:Viola Kam (V’z Twinkle)


Text by: M.Kawaguchi 【VG】