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【Vkei News】Diva Kaya to challenge in crowdfunding for DIVA special cover album “DRESS”!!

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Solo singer Kaya, who is known as the “Visual kei Diva”, widely active in Vkei, Chanson, and as a club diva performing not only in Japan but also overseas, will be releasing his first ever cover album!
Since Kaya is the one and only “Diva” in the Visual kei scene, he will cover songs of various divas in the music scene.
In creating the cover album, Kaya will challenge in crowdfunding, promoting in completing the cover album with loads of rare events such as recording studio tour and, one on one live.
In addition to the diva covers, the album will include songs requested in the crowdfunding.
The crowdfunding will start reception on December 13th (thu) from 8p.m(JT). Don’t miss out on the limited edition plans!
In 2019, Kaya will join ROLLY and Charan Po Rantern etc in “Shin-shun Chanson Show” in January, and in February Kaya will participate in a unique collaboration recitation drama “Photo Cinema recitation drama Saihate no Ristorante” featuring actors, Korean wave, and artists.

▼“Road to 15th Anniversary~Kaya Special project~”to start with Special cover album “DRESS”production crowdfunding project! The crowdfunding will start on December 13, 8p.m.(Japan time)!

January 11th Chanson live『CafeNOIR』@SARAVAH TOKYO
January 29th 『Shin-shun Chanson Show 2019』@Shibuya O-EAST
February 3rd 『Photo Cinema Recitation Drama Saihate no Ristorante』@Hamarikyu Asahi Hall/Small Hall

【Kaya Profile】
A noble solo singer who elegantly leaps the wall of gender and genre, through his songs and fashion. Kaya started his solo career in 2006, and made his major debut with single “Chocolat” in 2008. With the fusion of aesthetic lyrics and dance music, Kaya established his one and only world in the music scene. Kaya has performed worldwide in such places as United States, South America, and Europe.
Also, Kaya is active as a chanson singer, and is the producer of a chanson event, “Shin-shun Chanson Show” starring unique guests such as, Kenji Otsuki, ROLLY, and Charan Po Rantan.
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1月にはROLLY、チャラン・ポ・ランタン等との新春シャンソンショウ、2月には「俳優×韓流×アーティスト」という異色のコラボ朗読劇『フォトシネマ朗読劇 最果てリストランテ』にも参加が決定しているKaya。歌姫の進撃は2019年も続く!

Road to 15th Anniversary〜Kaya Special Project〜」発足!第一弾企画としてスペシャルカヴァーアルバム『DRESS』を制作するクラウドファンディングに挑戦!!
12月13日(木) 20時より受付スタート!

1月11日 シャンソンライブ『CafeNOIR』@サラヴァ東京
1月29日 『新春シャンソンショウ2019』@渋谷O-EAST
2月3日 『フォトシネマ朗読劇 最果てリストランテ』@浜離宮朝日ホール・小ホール

【Kaya Profile】


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