the third place

【VG】LIVE REPORT | The third place 3-man live at Hatsudai DOORS

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the third placeAn additional performance for The third place was held on September 16 at Hatsudai DOORS, a venue that is located near Shinjuku. The talented and characteristically colorful trio, YUKI SAKURAI (rice), Takayuki Tazawa (Rayflower), and Kaya met up once again for this additional sold out live. The live performance that featured only their voices and the melody of the piano in addition to the enthusiastic reaction the audience had to their emcees on stage, drew out the fun and passion towards music keeping the venue heated up until the end.
(9月16日(土)、The third placeの追加公演が新宿に近い初台DOORSにて開催された。8月4日の公演に続き、ソールドした本公演に、櫻井有紀(rice)、田澤孝介(Rayflower)、そしてKayaと、歌い手として定評のある個性豊かな三人が再び集結したのだ。それぞれの持つ歌声と、ピアニスト達の旋律のみで展開されたライブに、三種三様のトークの化学反応。聴かせて、笑わせて、そして彼らの音楽への情熱がファンにも伝わるぐらいに場内は終始熱気に満ちているものだった。)

A few minutes past 7p.m., the venue lights dimmed, signaling the start of the live. As the lights concentrated on the stage, Kaya elegantly showed up on stage as he welcomed the audience, “Welcome~”, Tazawa and YUKI appearing right after. The live started with a mini talk session between the trio as they had done at the August 4 live ( the original live), the audience greeting the members from the floor with cheers. There was a cozy atmosphere during the talk, with bursts of laughter throughout, starting from the incident when Tazawa accidentally took YUKI’s mic.

As the trio thanked the fans with “Thank you very much for coming. So many people are here today just like on August 4.”, YUKI took his position as the first to sing for the night while the other two left the stage. YUKI introduced himself by saying, “Hi, my name is YUKI and I will be the first to sing today among the colorful and unique trio.” After welcoming pianist Ayako Hatanaka to the stage, the first song “will” started. Unlike the previous live where YUKI wore a yukata (summer kimono), his attire this time was formal with a black suit and hair neatly done up. From his usual unique and tender style he brought out during the talk, as he sung, he projected a feeling of dignified elegance from within himself to the stage. Blending his tender voice with the graceful piano and mellow accents, YUKI delivered the song to the audience. As he finished the first song, YUKI mimed Kaya’s soliloquy that he had done in “Saint-Tropez” (one of the songs that the other vocalist had sung in the previous live) resulting in the floor erupting with laughter with YUKI’s brief emcee. The live resumed with “Kurumi” where orange light showered the stage as if it seemed to embrace the song. Taking a break for another emcee, YUKI expressed his thoughts. “Music is the appreciation of sound. There are no rigid rules for enjoying this concert. I hope this time we are sharing will fill you with energy for your days ahead.” “Squall” resumed the live with gentle piano notes, followed by the fragile “Une”. After a brief emcee, in the next heartrending “Kotoba ni dekinai”, as YUKI sang the powerful vibrato, there was a part where YUKI gave a smile to the audience that seemed to convey the warmth of the song. Before the last song, YUKI gave a brief message to his fans. “In tonight’s colorful and unique line up of vocalists, I don’t have the sophisticated humor Tazawa has nor do I look as good in dresses as Kaya. But, I will continue to be as I am and to pursue what I have believed in. I would like people to listen to the utmost effort I have put in to my music and continue to provide the best support in every live. Thank you very much for this time.” YUKI’s live ended quietly with “Lilgo Macchiato” as he sang the song adoringly.


櫻井有紀 セットリスト
1: will
2:クルミ (kurumi)
3:スコール (squall)
4:ウネ (une)
5:言葉にできない (Kotoba ni dekinai)
6:リルゴ・マキアート (Lilgo Macchiato)


<Takayuki Tazawa>

Initially, it had seemed that the appearance order of today would be as it was for the August 4 live, but this time it was the oldest of the trio, Tazawa, instead of Kaya, who took the stage second. The unexpected appearance caused a small commotion on the floor, which Tazawa replied to the reaction with a grin on his face with “Surprised, right?” The fans burst into laughter, shifting the atmosphere right away into Tazawa’s distinct world, the so-called “Taza-world.” In the mini-talk before the live, he had already announced that the pianist this day would be Ayako Hatanaka instead of his usual pianist Yuta Yamamoto, and as the deep blue lights bathed the stage, “Yume no ibasho” started his portion of the live with a piano intro that had a gentle yet vast feel, different from the last live. One of the reasons that fans call the distinct atmosphere Tazawa creates “Taza-world” is because of how he creates it. It is so strong that it engulfs the venue and overwhelms the audience. From the way he layers his voice with the piano, pouring out his expressive power using his whole body, from the end of his fingers to the tips of his toes, he delivers the song that he is performing to the floor. After the powerful “Gensou no justice”, and followed by a short emcee, the next “Ikitekoso”, seemed aggressive, but also appealing and vibrant, as was the following “Tanpopo~kaze ni mae~.” Despite the glimpse of power within, it was an arresting site to see Tazawa sing this song with a warm expression as if he adores the memories associated with the song. The next song, “Seseraki,” created a warm atmosphere that enveloped the venue, as Tazawa seemed to wholeheartedly sing the song. In the last emcee, Tazawa gave a message to the fans as he gazed about the venue. “I believe that we are fortunate to have so many people come see us. When you are in this music scene for a long time, the appreciation for music grows. As long as there are people who long for my music, I believe there is meaning in singing. In appreciation of all of you here, I would like to go to my last song.” Tazawa’s live ended with “Yoru ni negaeba”, a song featuring his unfaltering yet tender voice enveloping the venue.

(前回同様の流れでKayaの登場かと思いきや、今回は最年長の田澤が登場。予想外の登場でフロアは騒めき出した。「びっくりしたやろぉ~?」と得意気な顔で言うと、フロアからも笑いが起こり、早くも場内は田澤ワールド(通称:タザワールド)に染まっていた。今回はいつもの田澤担当であるピアニスト山本裕太ではなく、畠中文子がピアノを担当との事はミニトークの際に告げられており、濃紺のライトがステージを照らすと、「夢の居場所」が前回とは違うどこか優しく壮大さを感じさせるピアノのイントロで始まった。タザワールドとファンが表するように、田澤の世界観は場内を覆いつくすぐらいに観る者を圧倒させる力強いものだった。ピアニストの音色と自らの声を重ね、その表現力は手の先から足のつま先まで、全身で歌をフロアに届けた。パワフルな「幻想のジャスティス」が続くと、短いMCを挟み、「生きてこそ」では、どこかアグレッシブ且つ訴えかける様で、生命力漲り、それに続いた「蒲公英~風に舞え~」でも強さをしのばせながらもどこか柔らかで想い出を愛しむかの様に歌う田澤の表情が印象的だった。 次の「セセラキ」は温かく、幸せそうに歌う姿が、自然と口角が上がるように安堵の雰囲気を漂わせた。再びMCが入ると、田澤からファンへのメッセージが送られた。「(会場を見て)これだけの人がここにいるという事はすごい事だと思っていて、長く音楽をやっていると音楽の有難味を感じるようになって。こうやって音楽を欲しがっている人たちがいる限り、歌い続ける意味があると思います。みんなに感謝を込めて最後の曲へ行きたいと思います。」最後の曲「夜に願えば」で、田澤のしっかりした輪郭がありながらも、優しい、そんな歌声が場内を包み、ライブは幕を閉じた。)

田澤孝介 セットリスト
1.夢の居場所 (Yume no ibasho)
2.幻想のジャスティス (Gensou no justice)
3.生きてこそ (Ikitekoso)
4.蒲公英〜風に舞え〜 (Tanpopo~Kaze ni mae~)
6.夜に願えば (Yoru ni negaeba)



When the venue once again dimmed, amidst the darkness, a streak of light shot out to rest upon pianist Mayu Kikuchi, who played out a dramatic melody as Kaya appeared on stage attired in a flamboyant lavender dress. As the first chanson number “Kareha /Les Feuilles mortes” started, Kaya, who usually has the persona of a loving and buoyant queen, showed a different side of himself. Bewitching the audience with his swirling and surging dress, Kaya’s steps created a theatrical atmosphere as he danced on the stage. In the emcee that followed, Kaya briefly talked about the line-up of his songs as he said, “The August setlist was quite scary, and this time will be similar as well. It will be tragic with chanson and some of my original songs.” The live resumed with “Ai no makugire/ La Rapture”. As Kaya’s deep voice resounded in the venue, rhythmical claps arose from the audience gradually as the tempo picked up speed, and as the song rushed up to the climax, the fingers of the pianist slid across the keyboard to dramatically end the song. What followed was Kaya’s original song, “Silvery Dark”, a song about faint memories of love, embraced by the memories of the ocean. Under the deep blue lights, Kaya’s wistful voice delivered the song with a flood of heartrending sorrow across the venue.
Another chanson number was played, “Bon Voyage.” As the title implies, it is a song of farewell to a loved one, one who has gone afar. Kaya sang the song as if he were in the woman’s position, one of a heart-broken woman. After a brief emcee, a chanson standard, “Ai no Sanka/ Hymne à l’amour”(lyric translation: Akihiro Miwa version) was sung. Then, before the last song, Kaya gave a message to the fans. “Time passes so quickly. It’s already the last song. It is such an honor for us artists to have another sold out live so soon after August 4. Tazawa and YUKI are very straightforward but I am going to go on my own way straight up! [laugh] I am very happy to sing with these two vocalists!” Kaya lit up the audience with his words, and ended his set with a song that has been important to him “Yumeji”.

シャンソンの「枯葉」が始まると、トークの時の乙女な女王様のイメージとは打って変わり、別の顔を覗かせた。その姿は艶やかで、翻弄される様にドレスを靡かせ、舞う。ステージは一つの劇場と化していた。MCが続くと、「8月4日はおっかない曲ばかりだったけど、今回も悲しい曲をシャンソンとオリジナル曲を交えてやっていきます。」と、今回のラインアップを軽く紹介し、次の「愛の幕切れ」でライブを再開。深い声から、徐々にテンポがあがるにつれ、フロアからは曲のリズムに合わせてリズミカルに手を叩く音が響き、ペースが速くなり、クライマックスへと昇り詰めるとピアノの鍵版端から端まで滑らせ劇的に曲が終わった後にはKayaのオリジナル曲が演奏された。「昔の淡い恋の想い出を歌った曲」である、「Silvery Dark」。その想い出に併せて「海の想い出」が重なる様に深淵の青の照明の下、Kayaの歌声が切なさを沁み込ませる様に届けられた。次に続いたのはシャンソン。「ボン・ボヤージュ」では題名通り、「よい旅を!」と愛おしい人を見送る失恋した女性の心情が歌われた曲で、Kayaならではのその女性に重ね歌う姿は一つの人間模様を観ている様だった。MCを挟み、シャンソンのスタンダードである、「愛の讃歌」(美輪明宏訳詞バージョン)が歌われた。最後の曲の前に、Kayaからメッセージが送られた。「早いもので最後の曲となりました。8月4日に続き、即日完売となり、歌い手として冥利に尽きる事です。(有紀、田澤共に)真っすぐな二人ですけど、私は斜め真っ直ぐに生きるわ!(笑)本当にこのお二方と歌えて幸せです!」と、Kayaらしい言葉で場内を和ませた。そして、今のKayaにとって大切な曲、「夢路」でKayaのライブは締めくくられた。)

Kaya セットリスト
1. 枯葉 (Kareha /Les Feuilles mortes)
2. 愛の幕切れ (Ai no makugire/ La Rapture)
3. Silvery Dark
4. ボン・ボヤージュ(Von Boyage)
5. 愛の讃歌(Ai no Sanka/ Hymne à l’amour)
6. 夢路(Yumeji)

The encore started with Kaya calling the other members back on stage one by one with the help of the fans calling out their names. The first to be called was YUKI. As the audience shouted “YUKI~!!”, YUKI peeked out from the side curtain of the stage and urged the audience to call in a louder voice. “Not enough YUKI~!” When the voices of the fans filled the venue, YUKI delightedly reappeared on stage. Tazawa followed suit and shouted “Not enough Ototo (Tazawa’s nickname)~!” as he also peeked out from the curtains. The venue erupted in laughter as “Ototo~!!” filled the venue.
Finally, as the members got together on stage, YUKI announced that he had made a digest video of the August 4 live, which was shown on the back screen of the stage. The encore ended a bit differently than usual live concerts, as approximately 12 minutes of video had backstage footage and other fun clips that had the venue roaring in laughter, with the members commenting while looking back at their actions.


The third place, a gathering of vocalists with unwavering talent. The trio, with their colorful voices and words alongside the melody of the pianists, turned the live into a brilliant one. There are no additional performances scheduled yet on the trio, but there are also not many events where vocalists gather. In hopes for people to know that there are many talented vocalists in the visual kei scene, let’s hope for their reunion in the future ahead.
(The third placeの追加公演、確固たる個性の饗宴。三種三様の歌声にトークの化学反応はこの三人ならでは。またピアニスト達の旋律が加わる事で色鮮やかなライブを魅せてくれた。
今後この三人が再び共演するかは不明だが、ボーカリストが集まるイベントは意外に少ないので、是非The third placeを再演して、より多くの人々にビジュアル系シーンにも他のジャンルに負けないぐらいの素敵なボーカリスト達がいる事を知ってほしい。)


The third place
Takayuki Tazawa

Vocalist of unit rice. He also has a unit Karma, with Takayuki Tazawa.

田澤 孝介 (Takayuki Tazawa)
Vocalist of Rayflower. He also has numerous projects including his solo.

Aesthetic solo artist. He has experience performing abroad in places such as, United States, Latin America, and Europe.


Report and Translation by: M.Kawaguchi (VG)