Live Report | Girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 “鵺-period-” at Zepp DiverCity(Tokyo)

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On July, 10, Sunday Girugamesh performed their last live, girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 “-period-” at Zepp DiverCityTokyo.

7月10日(日)、ギルガメッシュが、ラストライヴ『Girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 “鵺-period-“』をZepp DiverCity(Tokyo)で行なった。)


They introduced『鵺-chimera-, their mini album, this year on January and had a nation tour with concerts at 16 places.

Afterwards, they held their last international shows with 12 dates in 7 countries through their overseas tour,girugamesh TOUR 2016 “-chimera-” in EUROPE.

However, they held their fifth European tour and announced the 05/02 their final at Zepp DiverCity, the curtain was risen on their 12 years long activity.

Without any distinction between nationality or sex, the fans and related people, these numerous people becoming sad love them and after the notice of the lay live they headed to Europe.

Until the last day the foreign fans could transmit their gratitude while the said day was becoming closer and closer.


その後、彼らは国内での最終公演を残し、7カ国12公演に渡る海外ツアー『girugamesh TOUR 2016 “鵺-chimera-” in EUROPE』へ出発することになっていた。

しかし、5度目のヨーロッパツアーを目前に控えた52日、予定していたZepp DiverCityでのツアーファイナルをもって、12年間に渡る活動に幕をおろすことを発表。



 At 05:06 p.m, the BGM which was displayed stopped and, after the silence came the curtain opened slowly.

Then, the SE darker atmosphere started, in the screen which was taking the whole space on the back of the stage, the tour title『鵺-chimera-was written a hair-rising film was projected.

Even the supplementary seats had been sold out and it had become an overcrowded venue but, everybody was totally silent and was loong at the screen.





 Afterward, replacing the SE, Ni, Shu and Яyo, the 3 people appeared on the stage. In the vulgar noise, the shooting public was reacting strongly.

Satoshi’s paper shape slowly appeared during the recently created song,「鵺-chimera-which opened the show.

The sounds resembling the original ones Girügamesh had made and the last ones, set the floor on fire with the songs in which the updates the four members made can be sensed.

To add to this, things as the band logo being illuminated or the strong scene lights made the songs accompanied the songs as if they were some flowers, adding some strength.






 At this moment, they continued with the announcement ofwither mindby Satoshi shootingScream the best you can.

To what the audience responded screaming, the hot feedback noises permitted Ni to cross the floor, and then they answered the audience title call,「お前に捧げる醜い声」(omae ni sasagaru minikui koe).

With the killer tune from since they started their activity played at the venue, within the time to blink, the floor aspect became chaotic due to the mosh and headbangs waves, meanwhile Shu was screaming as furiously as ever.

Then,We are the ones who started from Chiba, Girügamesh!first said Satoshi as the MC.

Actually, after the announcement of the band’s dissolution in an interview , it was the first time they directly spoke to their Japanese fans.

そこから立て続けに「wither mind」を披露すると、「精一杯の声を聞かせてくれ!」と叫ぶ左迅。







Satoshi saidon this important live day, when it’s rainy or windy we are still Girügamesh but, you don’t know if today is a dream or if it is real, the weather is actually clear!」

Even though it is as rare as thinking tomorrow, won’t it be snowing ? continued Satoshi making the excited audience turn into a calmer atmosphere.

Of course, everybody in the audience, came to the show to enjoy it with their entire devotion, there was no need to be on guard about the kind of atmosphere it would become.

Satoshi even talked about his beloved office senior, Tatsurou from MUCC who came to the dressing room for a previous live and narrated some other anecdotes which lightened the audience who started laughing.

It was not about progressing to the dark heavy sounds making thunderous noises and erasing what was made before, this Girügamesh was the one who was putting smile on the public faces, unlike what they were doing during their early activity days.

Previously announced, on this day the live had two distinguished parts, the first one being about the mini album『鵺-chimera-being the set list for this last tour date.











 Satoshi spoke againBecause with the 28 tours we created a monster,『鵺-chimera-, in this Zepp DiverCity I think this monster will make you act energetically. Also,

All the members, will stand on this stage until our stamina reach its limit.

We want to transfer out music to you! So let’s make our best to make some noise until you lose your voices!

Today will be long! Until the very last moment, ignoring  let’s just make some noise!」


このZepp DiverCityでそのモンスターを大暴れさせようと思ってます。




今日は長げえぞ! 最後までおもいっきり騒ごうや!」)

 ThenIt’s my turn wa yo!Screamed Ni, jumping on the center of the stage, while playing the guitar at a fast pass on the two old songs ROCKER’S, followed by Dance Rock Night.

Then cameVOLTAGEon which a circle mosh was born. While Яyo’s furious beats resound, fiercely treading on the drum and rolling the  bass drum, shaking the excited floor, in rhythm with the beats breaks the audience was doing a “oi” call (screaming “oi” after each beats), then with Shu playing the tough bassCRAZY-FLAGstarted.

Afterward the offensiveslip outwas played, the venue was nothing but a violently jolting crowd.

Totally changing from the furious previous songs, the melodious medium tempo songscrying rainand「睡蓮」(suiren) were announced.

The ferocious songs were chosen by Girügamesh but, what makes this band attractive is also this kind of melody, putting their listeners into a dream and realizing a change.


高速なギターリフを畳み掛けて「ROCKER’S」、そこから「Dance Rock Night」と初期曲を2連発。





さらに超攻撃的な「slip out」を叩き込み、会場をひたすら激しく揺らし続ける。

そんな狂乱状態から一転、「crying rain」や「睡蓮」といったメロディアスなミディアムナンバーを披露。




Remembering the European tour, the second part started with the energeticDrain.

Once again the floor got excited and then it was time for the rush like “Horizon”,

For 12 years he wanted to go in the front during the lives, lets grant the wish of this big mouth, Яyo!he said while electro sounds resound and then Яyo who went to the edge of the stage dived into the crowd two times.

His old wish being granted Яyo screamedIt’s enjoyable !」.

Once”Another way” was announced they agitated the audience”With the 2500 people voices here, just show us what you think! ” people reacted, singing along andgravitationleaded to a mosh circle once again  as well as some crowd surfing.

Then the last song for『鵺-chimera-‘s closingENDwas played.

In the projected fire, the instrumental group was playing heavy sounds until they fire, while Satoshi’s yell was intertwined with the instrumental, the people who were looking were overwhelmed by this deep world view and that was the end of the first part.The curtain closed on the stage.







続けて披露された「Another way」では、「ここにいる2500人の歌声を、俺達に思いっきり届けてください!」というアジテーションから、





 18h34 came. That is when the announcement of an edited video of the last live future release appeared on the screen and excited cheering were heard from the crowd. Then started the second part.

The curtain opened revealing the already standing members and they playedvolcano」「Vermillion」「ULTIMATE 4continuously.

Using numerous amperes the the strobe lamp was furiously blinking, revealing the head banding crowd.



幕が開くと、既にスタンバイしていたメンバー達は、「volcano」「Vermillion」「ULTIMATE 4」を3連発で叩きつける。


For the second part of the live, it was the band history recap set list time, the US influenced v-rock sounds they created withGirugameshand the Loud X ElectroMUSICwhich starts energetically followed byNOWetc, the comparison between their earliest and middle period through songs lasted a long part of the live.

Regarding this, the best part was the medley made from their first album13’s reborn.

While a big quantity of smoke was released from the back to the front, Jarring flystarted, followed by「遮断」(shadan),robust conviction,Deceived Mad Painuntil the last non stop played song,「開戦宣言」(kaisen sengen).



中でも圧巻だったのは、1stアルバム『13’s reborn』の楽曲をメドレー形式で披露するというもの。

大量のスモークが上下から吹き出す中、「Jarring fly」を皮切りに、「遮断」「robust conviction」「Deceived Mad Pain」と続け、ラストの「開戦宣言」までノンストップで駆け抜けていった。)


On the middle stage, when the intro reverberated some surprised voices echoed as「腐界の闇」(kusakai no yami) and「縁enishiwhich are rarely performed were played. Finally,The song guys of gratitude toward the fans, that is to sayshiningwas heard.

Then, while Ni, Shu and Яyo were facing each other and lower their instrument tones, Satoshi slowly started to talk about the band dissolution.

He saidOn the 05/02 we announced our dissolution. As it was sudden I’m sure you were surprised but it is a decision we seriously took during the

『鵺-chimera-tour to tell the truth. Still, there are people who came to see Girügamesh, I’m super moved.

Thank you so much for gathering here today!.









People clapped their hands as a respond and Satoshi started to speak about Girügamesh from their formation until now.

“With the siblings, Ni and Яyo, and Shu their childhood friend they made a band and I joined, myself, after.

After we started our activities, the fan, the office staff and our friends who were a few started to progressively become numerous, Girügamesh circle slowly became bigger and bigger to its current state.

As this circle got bigger our music duty also increased”.







 SatoshiThere were happy things! There were also difficult things. There were also some irritating things, and some fights between the members.

However, beside this, from this stage we were able to see a lot of smiles.

We ourselves could show a lot of smiles. This is a treasure.

The audience was clapping their hands while seriously listening to Saroshi.

He continuedWe didn’t really go to school, were only playing games, we didn’t have a goal in our live or a meaning to live but, we met by chance and became Girügamesh ──Well, I can’t say it once we will be back in the dressing room so I’ll say it now──For walking together with us during these 12 years, thank you very much.









His speech was headed to the public but when he turns his head to the back the three others whose voices were shaking bowed deeply and once again headed to the crowd.

He then saidWith this band and it is thanks to everybody  who is hereI have a goal in my life, a reason to live. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. There is only a few songs left but , we will taste the songs one by one. Follow us until the last moment!!

From this moment the end of the live came faster.

Duringdriving timeall the works they made until now were projected on the screen and forNever ending storywe went through their history with the previous generations logos and the MV while the audience kept head banding and doing some mosh, circling energetically.

And with the wildest atmosphere the originally planned live second part ended on evolution.









driving time」では、これまで発表してきた作品題やツアータイトルが、「Never ending story」では、




Responding to the loud Encore, Ni, Shu and Яyo, the 3 members made their appearance on the stage. Ni actively started to play the guitar on「絶頂BANG!!(zecchou BANG!!) but stopped midway, to declare:

It’s been 12 years since I’m in this band, I’m more tired than ever. It’s something pro mustn’t say but this made me say it… I’m tired!. Also he exposed the fact that his little brother, Яyo cried while Satoshi was doing the MC and the crowd heaped up.

It seems like it was originally planned that they play a song at this time but, this live being the last one they should have wanted to talk. This feelings for the felt like Girügamesh.







Ni said HoweverYour big brother won’t cry! I will smile until the end so you will remember this!  but my two arms reach their limit! Even if I make a mistake, please forgive me!

 (弐「だがしかし! お兄ちゃんは泣きません! 俺は最後まで笑顔で君たちを送り出します! でも、俺の両腕はもう限界だ! 間違えても勘弁してください!」)

 Once again he started to play the guitar on “絶頂BANG!!”. After the venue was set on fire for the Nth times “終わりと未来” (owari to mirai) andarrowfollowed.

The songs composed words ,<終わりが来ても重ねたモノは残っていて>[even if it is the end, the oiled up things remain](終わりと未来)、<もし涙零したら その数前に進めば いつか僕等 笑えるから>[if you drop some tears, you should advance because you can laugh with us]arrow), were addressed to the audience.

Then it was time for「壊れていく世界」(Kowareteiku sekai). While listening to the song once and reading the title it seems like a band’s despair sound, and the dark melody reaches people but, in this deep despair we can feel a shining hope, this Girügamesh ballad.


<終わりが来ても重ねたモノは残っていて>(終わりと未来)、<もし涙零したら その数前に進めば いつか僕等 笑えるから>(arrow)という、




 SatoshiWe, today, on July, 10th 2016 will disband. However, the songs we put to life will remain forever in this world.

If then, people say to their precious person, family or friends, that there are cool song or that there was such a cool about us then, there is a meaning for us to have been doing this band for 12 years.

Because now if the best use of Girügamesh is made or if if Girügamesh is killed it depends on you!

Thank you for encouraging us during these 12 years!」









Then as the last song “in order for you all to live with a smile” they letBreak Downbe heard.

As expected, the stamina was limited but, while the noises started to collapse in the venue, the 4 members were screaming and people were rising their fists.

For the last hook the members messages were writing on a silver tape and this is how the Encore ended.

After taking a commemorative photo with the crowd Shu immediately told themthank you!」and

Ni and Яyo shoutedWe won’t stop playing music!」. With the members the members throwing picks and drum sticks in large quantity an receiving applause and joyful shouts, the end of the live was announced.

However, when the applause started to fade some encore claiming voice rised. And after the supporting voices gradually increase the 4 members came back!……Even though  they did so…

You! You could make the encore faster! Let us hear more! Encore! Encore!」said Satoshi asking the crowd to encourage them a bit violently.

And then he saidYou foolish people, we are not a band who would end with such a beautiful atmosphere! Let’s finish!.

Following this they performed the very last live song「お前に捧げる醜い声」(Omae Ni sasagaru minikui koe)z

Show us your best part!」they said while the intro started with the guitar on high voltage but then stopped. “Let’s re-do it!” shouted Satoshi.


そして、最後の曲として、「明日からみんなが笑顔で生きれるように」という想いを込めた作った「Break Down」をドロップ。










「お前らもっと早くアンコール言えや! もっと聞かせろ! アンコール! アンコール!」と、


そして「こんなキレイな感じで終わるバンドじゃねえんだよバカが! とどめに一発行くぞ!」と、




He continuedThe music God said not to finish with this kind of things.

You can do better right? Is it this kind of things? Let’s do it as if we wanted the first and second floor to fall! Let’s go! (Looking at NiYou’re still not finished, you!!.

Ni answeredYou’re fool of vitality?(smile)」.

Satoshi then saidAh! I’m burning up today! Let’s hurry up! There’s no time to wait!」.


お前らもっといけんだろ! そんなもんか! 2階も1階に落ちてくるぐらいいけよ! いくぞ! (弐を見て)まだ終わんねえのかおめえは!!


左迅「あー! 俺は今日燃え尽きるんだよ! 早くしろ! 間が持たねえんだよ!」)

Afterward, the guitar immediately restarted over「お前に捧げる醜い声」.The stage and the crowd became one, creating a scenery with desperate efforts.

It ended so just go home!」they said after creating one of this biggest chaos in history, with a total of 37 songsthe medley counting as one song, if we add the Omae Ni sasagaru minikui koe of the second encore it becomes 43 songs, before the curtain closed on these 4 hours live. Then projected on the curtain was writtenForever 4492days girugamesh Thank you, the fans shouts and applauses seemed as if they would reverberate in the venue forever.






そして、ステージにかけられた幕に「Forever 4492days girugamesh Thank you」の文字が映し出され、


Girügamesh’s live seems to be unfolded until the last moment but,

from the 07/11Mondaythe new songperiodwill be distributed.

On their dissolution announcement they said that this song would only be limited to the last live venue sales.

According to them it’s a 6 minutes relatively long song in which their are some deep and dramatic sounds evolution.

People should check the last message they composed by all means.

The sales starting date differ according to the sales websites, for more details, please check Girügamesh official website.









It was already written in the report but, as it was said there will be a film of this last live,girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 「鵺-period-LIVE DVD BOX Special Limited Edition”』the release date will be announced soon.

The edited live will cover the entire show without anything left and will be compiled on two discs for the last live DVD, and the『鵺-chimera- DISCwill contain off shots of the last tour venues,

There will be recap of the 12 years of history with lives movies included in the『歴史DISC(history disc), there are also 2 discs of documentary DVD accompanying the previous discs, which make a total of 4 discs.

To add to this, the last live sound source CD is to be released2 discs. Live photographs and after interview are collected in a 64p booklet.

Everything from Girügamesh is imprisoned in a complete way in this current work, included in the DVD-BOX.


また、レポート内でも触れたが、既報の通り、このラストライヴの映像は、『girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 「鵺-period-LIVE DVD BOX Special Limited Edition”』として、



そして、ラストツアーや最終公演のオフショットを詰め込んだ『鵺-chimera- DISC』と、





 This time, in the DVD according to what the members said while doing the MC, there are the off shot of the tour they “took so much of them [they] could die”,

Shu who was in charge of shooting the films had taken the habits of watching it before going to sleep, to watch it completely “it took one month”.

Inside, there is some priceless Ni and Яyo siblings actual things and a lot of decisive moments, it should be an item which will make the fans’ mouth watering.

This DVD containing the live regular edition of videos will be on sales in shopsthe sales date will be announced later).

Regarding the Special Limited Edition” the sales order are limited and it can be ordered until Wednesday 08/10 23:59.

The 12 years of Girügamesh  are put in this DVD-BOX.

Also, as Satoshi said while doing the MC, they wish their music stay in your heart forever.







Special Limited Edition”に関しては完全受注限定販売となっており、受付期間は810日(水)23:59までとなっている。



Text by: Tetuo Ymaguchi

Photograher by: Taichi Nishimaki

Translated by: Alice Parrat



girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 「鵺-period-

LIVE DVD BOX Special Limited Editionlimited sales

Due to a complete build to order manufacturing the last live DVD box will be special!!

edition contents

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Document DVD2discs)>

DISC1:「鵺-chimera-released European tour as well as the final live 「鵺-period-backstage and live other side DVD documentary

DISC2Compilation of Girügamesh’s past lives

It contains videos from the furthest past lives too and appropriately look over their 12 years of performances!

LIVE CD2 discs)>

Compilation of the 07/10 Zepp DiverCity(Tokyo) venue songs !!


Containing exclusive photos and interviews only available here. This is also a 64pages booklet in which the members had a corner to write!

Price】 ¥18,000+ taxes

order period07/10/2016Monday21:0008/10/2016Wesnesdayuntil 23:59.

  The report schedule date is not fixed yet. It will be displayed on the official website once chosen.

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information site http://goo.gl/A609Np


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Girügamesh last songperiodrelease

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Girügamesh official website



(■girugamesh ONEMAN TOUR 2016 「鵺-period-」

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 配信詳細 http://www.girugamesh.jp/jp/news/media/4511/  



ギルガメッシュ オフィシャルサイト

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